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How do I tell if I am getting thinner when I am gaining muscle?

I have been playing field hockey, and I am building a lot of muscle from it. I am trying to lose weight, but since I am gaining muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat, that is not happening. It’s not necessarily the WEIGHT I am concerned about, it’s looking thinner. How can I tell if i am getting thinner when I am gaining muscle and not losing weight?
I’m a girl hahaha.

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5 Responses to “How do I tell if I am getting thinner when I am gaining muscle?”

  1. Gwen Higgins said :

    You can measure your waist with a tape measure, or a part of you which you desire to have thinner maybe once a week and keep track of the numbers.

  2. gogomania said :

    You lose fat more than you get muscles. Theres a difference between looking like light weight, skinny people and people who are in shape. Do you really want to be a skinny bone loser or a strong man?

    Oh sorry, I mean a flat virgin or a curved babe?

  3. Dr. Nordo said :

    Body fat % or waist:hip ratio.

  4. laxer20 said :

    Just look at your body, if you see/can feel a lot of fat then you probably still need to lose some. If all you can see/fell is muscle, then you are good to go.

  5. greyskies said :

    just check how your clothes fit you. if they become looser, you’re getting skinnier.


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