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How to tell difference between fat loss and muscle gain on scale?

I’m starting the South Beach Diet today, and am thinking on all the times I’ve heard people say they’ve lost ‘x’ pounds of fat, but gained ‘y’ pounds of muscle. Exactly how does one figure this out? Details, please!

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One Response to “How to tell difference between fat loss and muscle gain on scale?”

  1. shawn b said :

    On a scale you will not be able to tell the difference between fat and muscle. Are you in a exercise program along with your diet? If that’s the case you may gain a little weight at first becuase muscle weighs more than fat, but then lose the weight as the muscle burns the fat away. Your best indicator of losing the body fat is looking in the mirror, clothes fit better or getting looser, you have more energy. I’d like to suggest that the fad diets (south beach, atkins) are not really the best diets to go on. These diets can make your body deficient in some areas and in some cases has ruined people’s health. I’d say do a little research to make sure the diet is right for you. Most people that get on these diets lose a lot of weight at first but then get off the diet and put the weight right back on. I’d say change your eating habits and watch what you eat with good exercise and you’ll lose the weight regardless and keep it off. Hope that helps a little.


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