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What’s the difference in heat loss between fat and skinny people?

My friend always says that because he’s skinny, he’s always cold, and that since I’m fat-ish , i keep my body heat better. How big is the difference in temperature between fat and skinny people, or does it even make a difference. If you can provide exact numbers please do so.

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3 Responses to “What’s the difference in heat loss between fat and skinny people?”

  1. oatmeal55 said:

    I don’t know exact numbers but I am skinny and petite too and I’m always cold but my kindof overweight boyfriend is like a human furnace. Your friend might be on to something.

  2. scoulters said:

    I believe heat takes a longer time to move through the layer of fat overweight people have over the majority of their body. But once it hits the skin, it leaves the body at the same rate as a thin person’s. It makes sense that overweight people hold heat better because the same applies in the animal world for polar bears and whales. The fat insulates their body.

  3. :3 said:

    I suppose it depends on how fat the person is.
    The less fat percentage….the less insulation your body has?


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