How can you tell if your gaining weight or gaining muscle?

I have been on a low calorie low fat diet for two weeks now. I have lost 7 lbs and feel great. But the past couple days I have actually gained weight or have I gained muscle? How can I tell? I do tae bo cardio once or twice a day for 45 min and I do the ball core training 3 times a week. Sometimes I replace one session of tae bo for water aerobics or hip hop aerobics. And I have not strayed my diet. Any suggestions?

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13 Responses to “How can you tell if your gaining weight or gaining muscle?”

  1. lilbabygirl0892 said:

    fat is soggy and muscle is hard

  2. tater_bug0629 said:

    Well when I was doint aerobics and weight lifting, the scales went down then read wieght gain. You surely know that muscle weighs more than fat.. Well anyways, if you are “gaining” but your pants are falling off, its muscle gain =P

  3. autyauna said:

    are you flabby or toned?

  4. Gus said:

    If you’ve been working out I’d say its muscle, you can’t really tell!! Keep excercising It s great for you body, and keep doing what your doing, its an exallent work out

  5. ;ayla said:

    It sounds like you are gainning muscle, you should be able to tell cause your body will be much leaner. Well done with the diet and good luck.

  6. idontwannabefound2nite said:

    Well if you’re gaining muscle you are gaining weight, just in a better way 🙂 The old tried and true method of ensuring you are making progress is using a tape measure! It never lies…unlike the scales.

  7. ithinkpink12 said:

    i think that fat makes you flabby, and if you notice that your weighing more, but not looking different it is muscle! yeay!

  8. sophiegarza said:

    Measure inches lost. Are your clothes fitting better. Find someone to do a body fat measurement, like at a gym. The truest way to tell is to do a under water weight test which measures how much of your body weight is fat.

  9. bigjimmyguy said:

    Congrats on the healthy lifestyle. Be careful doing so much cardio on a low calorie, low fat diet. Some fat isnt bad in regulated amounts. Take in lots of water. Your body will only use what it needs. If you are not working with weights you are not gaining muscle mass. Depending on how long you have been doing this for you will have a larger weigt loss at first which will taper off after awhile. Replace a couple of cardio days with free weights or machines and you will see a whole new plateau with your health.

  10. punky8920034 said:


  11. autumn said:

    Take your measeurements around the narrowest part of your waist, hips(where the hip bone lies), and bust. Then check weekly for any changes. That is the best way to know if you have gained or lost weight. Remember that the important factor is reaching a healthy Body Mass Index that is right for your age and height.

  12. bahar5899 said:
  13. Rosie Young said:

    By your measurements. If your clothes are getting looser yet you’ve stayed the same weight or even gained a bit, that’s muscle. If your clothes are getting tighter, that’s fat.
    The other way you can tell if you’re losing or gaining fat is by the consistency of your fat. If the fat on your belly is really soft and squishy like a water balloon, you’re losing. If it’s hard and firm you’re gaining.


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