when you lift weight is the process of gaining muscle do you start to lose weight?

when you lift the weights before you gain the muscle do you lose weight and then gain the weight after working out with weights more?

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6 Responses to “when you lift weight is the process of gaining muscle do you start to lose weight?”

  1. Lucifer J Satan said:

    Didn’t happen that way for me. My weight actually stayed quite steady at first while the muscle was replacing fat then started to gain. You still need to do cardio to burn the fat.

  2. matjusm said:

    The more you work out, the more muscle you will gain and muscle by the way weighs more than fat.

  3. zippo013 said:

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  4. umeh i said:

    no u don’t lose weight when u lift weight instead glucose in d body burns up faster so if that don’t eat well ‘ur body reserves will be used up.so indirectly’ u lose weight when u don’t eat

  5. Ghdhdhg D said:

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  6. Mitt said:

    The process is a combination of the fat converting to muscle and new muscle being built. Chances are you’ll get heavier as you continue lifting because muscle is denser and weighs more than fat.

    In your case if you’ve been inactive for awhile and are now starting to lift you will probably see a drop in weight because you’ll be losing the fat but not yet gaining the muscle, as well you’ll lose water weight. If you continue lifting consistently this trend will reverse and you’ll start to gain.


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