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What are the Best workouts for loosing fat, and not gaining muscle?

I want to loose 15 lbs but I do not want to gain too much muscle I would basically like to slim down…I have stated doing a lot of cardio , running on the treadmill and also the elliptical. I have access to a full gym, free weights and all the different machines….which workouts are the best for this?

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4 Responses to “What are the Best workouts for loosing fat, and not gaining muscle?”

  1. Derek said :

    for muscles and strength try the bigger faster stronger program. you start out doing 8 repititions of little weight. the next day 6 reps of a little more weight. the next day 4 reps of even more. the next day 2 reps of a lot of weight. the next day MAX OUT. the weekend, you relax. then on the next monday start again.

    btw, you should do X reps of different reps. curls, bends, benchlift. etc

  2. Jessica F said :

    the track (usually there is one there)
    stuff that makes you sweat lol

  3. zalwak2000 said :

    fat burning and lean muscles all u have to do is low weight high reps
    try starting with 5lbs and doing 3 sets of 15 reps

  4. FIJI said :

    go running. sweat a lot. be active.

    and follow a good diet.
    this means: no sugar.
    which means: no carbs = bread, pasta, rice, potatoes…and NO FRUIT.
    people think its good for you, which it is, but if you want to lose weight thats not the thing you want to eat. it contains an enormous amount of sugar which will NOT help you lose weight.


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