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whats the best and safest muscle gaining supplement to take for a skinny kid?

Ive done my research on a lot of different pills and protein powders but i don’t know witch one will actually work to help gain muscle and tone up.

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One Response to “whats the best and safest muscle gaining supplement to take for a skinny kid?”

  1. Darrin_lean_muscle said:

    The best muscle gaining supplement is food.

    If you are a “skinny kid”, it’s most likely because you aren’t eating enough. I know you think you are, but you aren’t. For example, if you are 18 yrs old, 6 feet tall, then I’m talking about eating 4000+ calories a day in combination with heavy weight lifting at least 3x per week.

    Eat 6 times a day (so that you develop a good habit and eat healthy food, not junk).

    There are millions of places online to find “bodybuilder” diets, even if you aren’t a “bodybuilder”.

    Don’t even think about adding supplements until you are eating as much regular food as you possibly can. To hammer home my point, here’s a breakfast (remember, you’ll be eating like this 6 times a day) for someone fitting the above specs:
    – 2 eggs plus 4 egg whites in an omelet with lots of veggies
    – 2 glasses skin milk
    – 1 small bowl oatmeal
    – 1 banana

    A lunch (again, this is just 1 out of 6 meals) would be
    – 1 large chicken breast (baked, skinless)
    – 10 to 20 almonds or a big scoop or natural peanut butter
    – 2 cups broccoli
    – a whole grain cereal, like GoLean
    – a large chocolate milk

    Are you eating like this 6 times a day? If not, then you aren’t ready for supplements. Most skinny guys aren’t willing to do what it takes: eating a lot. Are you ready?


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