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Can a (fairly) skinny guy continue gaining muscle after the first few months in the gym?

I worked out very seriously for four months and then stopped because it seemed I had reached a point of basically no return. Let’s say I wanted to gain muscle. Would years in the gym actually help me accomplish that goal or would I stay about the same size? Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Can a (fairly) skinny guy continue gaining muscle after the first few months in the gym?”

  1. billiardjay said:

    You won’t gain muscle just by lifting weights.

    Picking up weight and putting it down doesn’t magically cause muscle to grow.

    You need to gain body weight by eating. Shoot for a pound of body weight per week.

    Then, if you lift heavy weights using compound exercises while you are gaining weight steadily, a fair percentage of the weight you gain will come in the form of muscle instead of flab.

    Muscles are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

  2. tennislover said:

    well it alll depends on your training… your diet plan.. and the recovery time u give your body..

    u should only workout for 40 – 60 mins a session.. focus on power exercises… squats, bench presses, pull ups, dead lifts, dumbell presses

    train each muscle once a week
    don’t over due cardio…..
    u have to eat plenty of calories.. about 15 x your bodyweight…. in calories..
    or even more
    and take atleast one gram of protein for each pound u weigh..


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