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What is the best protein supplement or creatine for gaining muscle?

Hey I just started working out like about 3 weeks ago im mainly just looking to gain some muscle mass, i looked into getting some supplements to help out but there’s like a million to choose from it’s pretty confusing , i was just wondering whether i need creatine or just protein powder , or both . And what is protein blend? I don’t really want anything that’s gunna cost an ass-load either just something that works please help.

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3 Responses to “What is the best protein supplement or creatine for gaining muscle?”

  1. Travis said :

    To get ripped hmmm…. first most important thing is dieting. If you don’t eat right then you will not burn enough fat to reveal a cut ripped loook. which is what women really like to see. Eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast is important. Finding ab exercises isn’t the hardest thing either. But dieting is about 80% of getting into great shape. Also, you might want to consider taking a supplement. I started doing the Spartan workout routine and it was recommended in the Gerald Butler workout book to take a supplement.I would not suggest taking creatine or protein. They are completely unhealthy and they only maintain temporary water gain. They are a rip off. Right now i take the lean muscle x and kre-alkalyn. I got a free month trial and i decided to continue it because it was workiing so well. Its easy to find a free trial. This stuff got me ripped seriously! This website currently has a 4 week free trial. probably your best bet. good luck

  2. stepped said :

    ALWAYS focus on your nutrition!! It will make you or break you:) As far as supps, always consume a high quality chemical free whey product minus the fillers and additives. Creatine works well, but will put water weight on you.

  3. jossefsal said :

    2 Weeks a go i started to use this supplement and it seems good, but i think it need more time. however changing started faster than i expected and i have more energy to exercise


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