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What type of protein powder is best for gaining muscle?

I’ve heard that 100 percent whey protein is the best for gaining muscle. I was going to buy EAS Myoplex protein but it is not all whey protein, it contains casein protein and other vitamins and minerals. Bottom line: It is not 100 percent whey protein. Should I still buy it, or just go for protein that is 100 percent whey?

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3 Responses to “What type of protein powder is best for gaining muscle?”

  1. Kero said :
  2. DeVante said :

    I like and use whey protein. The guys I get my stuff from have some good discussion threads on comparing products, gaining muscle, smoothie recipes etc.
    Check it out
    I love the vanilla flavor.

  3. Ngen B said :

    For some great info on the benefits of whey protein go to Try the forum as well.


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