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What is better for gaining muscle mass creatine or nitric oxide?

I am 16 and i want to gain muscle mass i have been taking whey isolate protein for two months i have become stronger but i am still about the same size i was when i started 140lbs to 143lbs which would be better for me nitric oxide or creatine?

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One Response to “What is better for gaining muscle mass creatine or nitric oxide?”

  1. Josh said:

    Nitrous oxide can help bring more blood to your muscles which may help you pump out more reps. It also makes your muscle stay engorged with blood longer after a workout so they look bigger for a few hours. But it doesn’t directly increase muscle mass.

    There are lots of studies showing that creatine is a great workout supplement, but again, it doesn’t directly help you with building muscle mass. It helps your muscles get more energy for the workout, though, which could help you bring your A game.

    Ultimately mass is determined by three major things:

    1) Are you getting enough protein? (1-1.5g per pound of lean body weight daily, spread throughout the day, and have some right after your workout.)

    2) Is your workout breaking down your muscle enough to make it repair itself? (Does your last set go to muscle failure?)

    3) Are you giving your muscles enough time to repair before your next workout? (Depends on the person, but generally 3-5 days between workouts of the same muscle. The “repair” time is when your muscle does the actual “building.” Exercise breaks down the muscle, and your body over-repairs to make it stronger.)


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