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What are the best tools / equipment for gaining muscle mass?

I’m trying to gain muscle mass / lose weight and am gradually adding more strength training. Other than the usual free weights which I already have / use, what are the best tools / equipment for gaining muscle – especially for legs and abdominals?
I know there really isn’t a “best” but what is your “Favorite” product? Bands, Balls, ect?

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One Response to “What are the best tools / equipment for gaining muscle mass?”

  1. Dante said:

    there is no better tool or equipment to gain muscle mass, its just the exercises, if you are a guy and u wanna gain muscles mass, you need to lift heavy, very heavy, so the fat Will burn away, also have to stay away from sweets, NO SWEETS at all, watch what you eat, and if you want to tone down, you lift lighter weights with more repetition and less rest. for example if you lift 20 pound dumb bell and do 10 reps, you lift 5 or 10 pound dumbbell, do 20 rept in 1 set and take 30 second rest and re do, that will tone your muscles, and for losing weight run after working out,, its harder, for toning up run before working out. and i said RUN not jog, jogging burns muscle and fat, running burns fat., you run in intervals, 2 minute jog and 1 minute sprint, do that for 15 minutes and watch your heart rate sky rocket and in a month watch the fat melt away..

    cheers.. don’t forget enough sleep.


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