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What’s the best equipment to buy to gain muscle?

I want to work on my abdominals, chest, and arm muscles. What is the best equipment to buy? I’ve heard barbells are the best for arm excercise, because dumbbells are not as good. Or what other things could I buy to gain muscle as fast as possible?
What about abs machines? Which one is the best? Do they really work?


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3 Responses to “What’s the best equipment to buy to gain muscle?”

  1. Alan said:


  2. David said:

    I would say a bit of home exercises for your abdominal like Sit-Ups, Leg-Ups, Crunches, The Plank, Don’t worry though because these pains wear off quickly and you will see results very soon.And it can save you money

    For chest and arm muscles ,me personally I would say dumbbells and barbells both work great its just what you do with them and how hard you work on them . And yes they really work , this is what I do and it works for me

    Monday – 5×5
    Wednesday – 3×8
    Friday – 3×10-12

    If your serious about it check out what is a really good site for people whoa are not sure about what to do in the gym but are ready to put the work in and reap the rewards ,trust me its a big help , but only go on it if your ready

    good luck

  3. ebookfantasy said:

    I think that you must buy an abs machine! 😉


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