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How do I lose weight and re-tone after my exercises got cut ?

I used to play tennis twice a week and soccer on saturdays, but i had to stop because it was getting in the way of things. Now i put on some weight, and I can’t go back to my regular schedule of tennis and soccer.
How do I lose the weight without them and going to the gym?

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5 Responses to “How do I lose weight and re-tone after my exercises got cut ?”

  1. ragebassmasta said :

    Sit-ups, push ups, running, jump rope…all things you can do at home.

  2. moira said :

    I can prefer a great dieting plan named Accelerated Fat Burning Program.

  3. Bart M said :

    Learn pilates or yoga and practice at home. Great Things To Do.

    Or, take care of your health from a bit different view-point – how about increasing your energy by getting crap out of your colon. That will flatten you stomach too!

  4. agHa said :

    Just avoid this kind of food:
    *cold drink (included cold freshwater, believe me!!)
    *fastfood (max once a week)
    *junkfood (max once per 2 weeks)

    recomended food :
    * white part of an egg
    * red part of meat (beef)
    *white part of meat (chicken)
    *drink a glass of coconut sugar water (serves warm, believe me!!!)
    *Fiber rich food

    *try to reach your own knees with your mouth evryday while your legs strecthed (to stay elastic)
    *routine exercise with proffesional personal trainer

    try this product (it has guarantee) :

    hope that helps you..

    see ya!!

  5. Penni R said :

    Make sure that you eat healthily and keep as active as possible and you may find this helpful


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