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What foods to eat after running to prevent weight loss?

I go running several times a week, what foods can I eat afterwards so that I DON’T lose weight?
I DO NOT want to LOSE weight, I want to continue exercising but stay the same weight.

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5 Responses to “What foods to eat after running to prevent weight loss?”

  1. Juke said :

    Lose 30+lbs™

  2. Puffins said :

    a big mac or any other protein filled food

  3. musclebobbuffpants01 said :

    tuna sandwich is good, theres a good mix of protien and carbs there assuming you got brown bread, scrambled eggs on toast too

  4. Fitness Treadmills said :

    Tuna is an excellent source for protein, but you have to be careful not to eat too much of it – I found myself eating it all the time because it was so easy. Now I have an egg – minus the yolk – and a baked potato with yogurt as a topping after my cardio and weight workouts.

  5. Jess Dahley said :

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