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How effective is running in realtion to weight loss?

My friend has started running 3 x week, 4 miles per run and on her rest days she uses a rowing machine for 20 min 3 x week. Will this help speed up her weight loss as she is following Slimming World diet and has lost a stone up to date. She weighs 14 stone and wants to get down to 11 stone ?

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11 Responses to “How effective is running in realtion to weight loss?”

  1. missjoshythird said :

    running builds muscle, walking and other gentle excersise is more effective at burning fat. she’s done well to lose a stone though good luck! 🙂

  2. Leslie said :

    Well running does give you cardio which is needed to lose weight. Exercising and building muscle is good but you have to get ur heartrate going in order to shed those unwanted pounds. So yes, running is important when tryin to lose weight. I started runnin 2 miles a day for 4-5 days a week and in 3 weeks time i lost 6 lbs with out any other activities.

  3. StrengthWithin said :

    It really depends on how fast she is running. If you run moderately for an hour, the calories burned are nothing compared to as if you ran fast for an hour. She also needs to make sure her calories are not starving herself and make sure if she exercises that much, her calories are in check.

  4. Halo Master 1508 said :

    Very, i’ve been running now for 2 mounts 2 -3 times a wekks for about an hour and my physical fitness has increased loads. Running definetly burns off more calories than pushing weights, playing squash is also a very good weigth loss sport as it extremely fast. hope this helps.

  5. christian said :

    running is the best way to lose weight. i have been running now for 3 years . i average about 3x a week during spring/summer/fall. i dont run on winter. but i also supplement it with weight training. i basically run and then free weights on every other day. I mostly run outside as well, i am not a fan of treadmills, i can’t run on treadmills i just dont like it, but running outside is so much better. on winter season i just hit the gym mostly free weights. To me running and weight training is the best way for weight loss.

  6. doctorjay said :

    your friend is doing great already to lose a stone and will get down to 11 stones if she does not stop. Running is good but she needs to do some weight as well to build muscle and raise her resting metabolic rate.

  7. Wendy said :

    Yes, she will speed up her weight loss over a period of time However, she needs to ensure that she follows her diet program well to note a real benefit.

  8. Liam said :

    Running is great! But you have to watch your weight, at first you might put on a few but you”ll look slimmer this is because muscle is heavier than fat. Once you get used to the excercise though, the pounds will start to fly.

    Good Luck,

  9. KarpRunning said :

    Yes, running will definitely help weight loss, but it’s not very effective alone. It must be combined with a consistent weight training(strength) routine and a balanced diet. Also, during her runs she should try increasing her pace every week or two as she gets in better shape. This will further increase her weight loss.

    P.S. I believe that weight is a very inaccurate measurement. Since muscle weighs more than fat, and as you exercise you will be gaining muscle and losing fat, you may find that your weight is not proportional to the amount of effort you are putting into your exercise and the results you are seeing in the mirror. In other words, continue to measure your weight, but don’t be discouraged if it does not go the way you want it to.

  10. Todd Klimson said :

    I am an athlete who found a supplement to increase energy and endurance, a company called ASEA just released it. After only two weeks of ASEA supplementation, I experienced a large increase in my VT (Ventilatory Threshold – endurance or the time it takes to hit the runner’s wall), increasing my distance before this carb-burn slump on average over 12%. That means that after only two weeks of supplementing with ASEA I increased my power output and endurance over 30%!
    Hope this helps.
    Todd Klimson

  11. Lyle Lindline said :

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