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Weight Loss – Flabby Apron Belly/Fat Around Middle – How Can I Get Rid of this without surgery?

I have lost just over 3 stone (42 pounds). I still have a long way to go. I have been following the Weight Watchers plan which has worked for me so far.

I have been exercising around three times a week but I have been left with a really bad flabby belly, my fear is that I will end up with an apron of fat once I get to my goal weight. I did originally weigh over 18 stone to start with.

I have also noticed that around the middle it has just gone really big. I have heard that the hormone cortisol hangs around this area if a person is very stressed.

If anyone has any good tips/exercises they know please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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12 Responses to “Weight Loss – Flabby Apron Belly/Fat Around Middle – How Can I Get Rid of this without surgery?”

  1. Amanda B said :

    Sit ups on a ball.

  2. Anne S said :

    Both of my doctors said no, it’s not going to go away with any amount of excercise. And believe me, I tried everything. I did get a tummy tuck and would do it over again in a heartbeat!

  3. angeldolls4u said :

    You might want to invest in the “ad-lounge.” It is a great way to tighten that up and it is actually fun.

  4. mishnbong said :

    CONGRATULATIONS ON UR WEIGHT LOSS!!!!! Just keep the exercise up and do sit ups it’ll soon shift the rate ur going (nice 1)

  5. Mash said :

    Well done on shedding the weight. Shame about the flab.

    Running is good for shifting midrift. Do you ever see a fat runner?

  6. ty_rosewood said :

    Firstly, congrats on the weight loss.

    Sit ups and crunches (unless they’re the same thing) will help to tone up the stomach muscle in that area and your skin will come with it, gradually.

    Some gyms and spas have machines that will tone up the skin there.

    Lots of walking and jogging will help as will anything that tones up the stomach. Horse riding is excellent and quickly forces your stomach muscles to tone up, otherwise you wobble something dreadful.

  7. florence h said :


  8. Georgia C said :

    Well done on losing the weight you have…it’s never an easy thing to do.
    Good ways to stop a flabby belly is by doing sit-ups and swimming. Also you could try an ab-belt. These use small currents to stimulate your muscles

    Good luck

  9. ill answer u said :

    Read some weight loss tips diets and exercises on this site

  10. nicki2442 said :

    You need to do a lot of cardio. The only way you will lose weight is if you burn more calories then you consume. Even if you do 1,000 sit ups a day, theres no way you will see the muscles unless you burn the fat off first

  11. szydkids said :

    It’s easy!

    There are two forces at work, each imminently controlable.

    1. Continue your diet. The fat will shrink! With the fat layer shrinking you need:

    2. Muscle tone. Fat gone reveals flab and weakness underneath. Instead, put muscle there. Do crunches, not sit-ups, to tone those muscles. 3 repititions of 20 each middle, left side, right side.

    Continue only until you die. Then you may stop.

  12. Sassy OLD Broad said :

    Hate to break the news to you,honey, but you have stretched skin around your belly, not fat. And there is no exercise to make it go away. Only surgery, a penniculectomy or tummy-tuck.
    You’re not the only one with that problem. Buy a good girddle.


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