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How do I lose weight without getting flabby skin?

Three years ago I weighed about 150 lbs and I was happy at that weight. Since then, I gained weight and now weigh about 220 lbs. I’d love to lose the 70 lbs and maybe even more. I’m in no hurry to lose it because I want to do it right. One of my concerns is that I don’t want flabby skin. I see on tv people who lose weight and then have to have surgery to cut back the skin. How do I avoid flabby skin?

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8 Responses to “How do I lose weight without getting flabby skin?”

  1. Iain N said :

    You exercise at the same time as you are dieting.

  2. mrykyldy2 said :

    Drink lots and lots of water, also do weight training. Weight training will help to pull everything in.

  3. ♥GrimKittY♥ said :


    most ppl who have flabby skin is cuz they take weightloss pills or something .. they losse wieght to fast.. and the skin doesnt have time to stretch back …

  4. Teh heh said :

    either go easy and get lipo…
    hit the gym, drink protein and have calorie, protein,carb counts…for ex…

    60g protein a day
    80g carbs a day
    and very little fat …so you can wake those muscles up…
    thats IF your willing to work out and add muscle training to your routine…honestly its the only way to lose the flab…all those cardio myths are just that…myths

  5. tranquil said :

    At 220 lbs, the skin would lose its elasticity, especially around the abdomen.

    For a quick and effective result: reconstructive surgery.

    Exercise perhaps may also firm the affected area, but no idea on how long before any result will be seen.

  6. momof3grmomof1 said :


  7. rhblong2000 said :

    Having flabby skin seems like a poor excuse for not losing weight. I think your skin will adjust. ALso, lifting weights should help by promoting good muscle tone.

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