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prevent skin sagging weight loss (adderall)?

I started taking adderall last week (doctor prescribed) and i have bin walking 3-5 miles a day and i weight 280 pounds (6′ 3″ 1/2) and at the end of the week i weighed myself and i lost about 5 pounds and i’m worried at a rate of 5 pounds a week im going to loose about 60 pounds in about 3 months which dont get me wrong i will be the happiest i have ever bin but im worried about my skin sagging from loosing so much weight so quickly any ideas on how to prevent it. and if it helps when i was 8 i weight 170 and im 16 now and i weigh 280 so some help with purple stretch marks would also be appreciated

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2 Responses to “prevent skin sagging weight loss (adderall)?”

  1. onetwo3 said :

    Its cause you dont take care of yourself. DRINK green tea is stops aging.

  2. snowday said :

    i have a friend weight about the same as you and just about as tall as u.
    Applying almond oil on your skin prevents sagging and wrinkle since it firms and tightens up the skin.
    I dk if it helps fast weight loss. i know that the skin will recover/adjust itself after you lost ur weight since skin are elastic. Almond oil restore elasticity of the skin so i think it will help. You can google almond oil and skin care then it will tells you the benefits of it. It is one of the best essential oil out there for skin care.


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