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Running- I previously did zero exercise I am now running 8 miles a week will i begin to lose body fat?

I live opposite my office and previously did no exercise. I ate quite healthily but was beginning to gain weight and fast. I have begun a fitness regime and am running 8 miles a week to begin with. I will obviously build up the distance and speed of this as I build up my fitness. How quickly should I start to notice a reduction in my body fat?

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5 Responses to “Running- I previously did zero exercise I am now running 8 miles a week will i begin to lose body fat?”

  1. Insane_mad_maniak said :

    i’m in your situation, and just started, (except for my weight) i can tell you, if you never done much befor, start slowly, much less then 8 miles a week, take it half mile 1 day, then rest the next, half mile the next.

    you will start to notice that the exercise is doing something, weight loss will depend on what you eat.

    remember, the more you breath whist excercising, the more fat you burn.

    some good things you can do whilst running, try ankle weights, wrist weights. moveing your arms or doing exercises whilst you run will burn more.

  2. Apollenaire said :

    As soon as the calories you burn running exceed the calories you consume.
    If you have just started to gain weight fast with no change to your diet, you might want to check with your doctor. It could also occur you are in you early 30’s, in which case the exercise is a good idea.

  3. Canadian Snowbunny said :

    It really depends as everyone is different, how you burn your calories is different than myself.

    How *overweight* are you, if it’s only 10 lbs it may take a bit to loose and you will need to decrease your caloric consumption by quite a bit to see results.

    If you are doing cardio every single day for at least 30 mins, and decreasing your caloric intake down at least 500 calories you should see a weight loss of one -2lb per week.

    As a general assumption without knowing exactly what your diet is like, exactly how intense of a workout you are doing and without knowing your weight, I can safely say you should notice subtle changes the first month and see bigger changes in the 2nd month and so forth.

  4. Anna said :

    To answer correctly it’s important to know how do you do the 8 miles per week: 1 mile/day? 4 miles/day, 2 days per week?

    Still, if you have had a sedentary life until now, you should start losing weight in about a month (running daily).

    Happy running 🙂

  5. jimmy said :

    You only burn calories until 20 minutes of rigerous training.
    After 20 minutes of rigerous training you will start to burn fat.
    After an hour of hardcore rigerous training you will infact not only burn off fat but muscle as well.

    Pending your diet, 7 mph speed, weight:fat% , and height..
    You should lose 25lbs minimum in 6 weeks.
    And you will never see that weight ever again.

    Edit: this is only if you do 8 miles a DAY


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