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How do I lose some of my body fat?

Hi. I’m 15 and a half. I am pretty fit. But I have a some excess body fat, mostly in my gut, that I want to get rid of. I am very active. I play basketball and workout. But my eating habits are far from good. So any advice on how to lose this extra body fat or eating tips?

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7 Responses to “How do I lose some of my body fat?”

  1. Jeremy said :

    Jesus Christ people are dense. Change your eating habits.

  2. I lust you, d00d<3 said :

    Well, for starters, change your eating habits.
    Plus, people normally can lose like 5 pounds when they quit drink soda.
    So try that.

  3. littleroody said :

    try skipping because it is great cardio for burning calories and hula hooping for your waist.

  4. bokel said :

    go vegetarian.

  5. Han x said :

    I worked out my BMI at the gym, and it showed me the areas in which I had to lose it from, so i exersized those parts of my body the most and ive seen slight results. If your dedicated you could try changing your diet.. i know most of my male friends who go to the gym turn to protein shakes, but my obvious guess would be fruit & veg, and cut as much crap out as you can! x

  6. TrueSoul said :

    goto and ask for videos on yoga for butt. Secondly, remember, fat converts to muscle thereby reducing volume. dont ever try to reduce on fats and milk and sugar etc. because you are just 15 and your body system requires all the minerals, calcium etc. The deficiency of these essential things may reflect badly later in the life. There is a way out, just enough to kill your hunger but not till the fullness. This may result in more frequent servings but that is ok and also help keep your metabolism high all the time.

    Eat your cravings but in small quantities this will result in overeating later when you cant control yourself. A new technique is to eat cheese piece which will give calcium and also gives fullness to the stomach thereby reducing the overall quantity. if you want more contact me.again.

  7. Tim said :

    There are so many things out there that can help you. The thing you have to do is find what you can commit to and stick with it. It will take some time, but the results will be worth it if you can be consistent.

    Take a look some websites like the one below. All of the articles on this website are FREE.


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