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How canI lose some weight fast for now?

I am getting discouraged. I walk 2 miles everyday and watch how much I eat. I am not losing weight. Well at least I don’t feel or see it. I was thinking of Jenny Craig’s or something, but I hear once you go off you blow right back up. What can I do? I have tried Weight Watchers and have no patience with counting points. I see some women just have babies and drop right down, how in the hell do they do that?

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2 Responses to “How canI lose some weight fast for now?”

  1. cyn_texas said :

    Breast feeding.

    You will lose more body fat eating protein and fat (don’t eat protein alone) than not eating AT ALL. To lose weight fast eat all you want but nothing but meat, eggs, healthy oils, mayo, butter and half an avocado a day (you’ll need added potassium). Keep the calories high and the fat percentage high, at least 65% of calories. Adding in green vegetables & some cheese will continue weight loss but at a slower pace.

    If you starve yourself by lowering calories lower than are needed for the body to function, your body will freak out and will want to store every ounce in case it doesn’t get nourished again. You need to give it adequate nourishment so it doesn’t slow your metabolism down to adjust for lower calories.

    Simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice) triggers insulin which can store the calories you eat into fat. The more protein you eat the more the fat burning hormone glucagon is released. The more carbohydrate you eat the more the fat storage hormone insulin is released.

    Carbs are addictive and can be disastrous to our health. The best way to break the addiction is NO carbs for 3 days. Make a huge batch of deviled eggs and eat one every time you want “something” have huge omelets for breakfast, with bacon, a lil onion, peppers, mushrooms & cheese. Pork chops for lunch. Get pork rinds and eat them with tuna salad. Steak for dinner. Make a huge sugar free cheese cake for dessert. Eat so much you won’t feel deprived of anything. By the fourth day, your addiction will be gone and you can start making healthy choices.

    High insulin levels unbalance other hormones. Controlling your insulin level will balance out other hormones & allow human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so you will gain lean muscle even without exercise. Any exercise will greatly increase your muscle mass with high HGH levels.

    Dr.Atkins was a cardiologist, low carb was a health plan easier sold as a “diet” Read any of his books for easily understandable science. Lutz “Life without Bread” & Taubes “Good calorie, bad calorie” are excellent books that dispel all the nutrition myths.

    Reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass will have you in awesome shape in no time. Good luck!

  2. Britta said :

    My grandma started taking this stuff and the weight just dropped right off her and she’s keeping it off. She wasn’t able to lose weight before, she’d tried dieting and stuff but for some reason this has worked really well for her. My mom has just started using it and she gives me her leftover meal replacement shakes and they actually taste really good. Good luck!


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