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How can I lose weight before the end of my senior year of HS?

I want to lose at least 90 pounds before the end of my senior year of high-school. I just sick to my stomach to know how much of a fat loser I become of the years. Because of this extra weight, I have no job, no friends, low-self-esteem/confidence, depressed, shy, and also never leave the house. I missed out on some much of my HS years because my weight. I want just to show everyone next year how awesome, Alexandria can be.

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3 Responses to “How can I lose weight before the end of my senior year of HS?”

  1. G-rat Nation said :

    90 pounds no. But u will see huge changes and 90 pounds can happen over time. U sound motivated. Turn that motivation into hard work. Walk or jog depending on what u can do. Work up a good sweat every day and watch what u eat. U can do it!

  2. Ashley said :

    The hardest thing you have to do is STICK TO YOUR PLAN! Don’t stop and keep thinking about your goals and do them. You will loose the weight!

    Here are some tips for looking great!

    Eat 4-5 small meals each day, smaller increments more frequently! Eat healthy snacks and drink lots of water. Do not drink soda at all. Eat lots of vegetables and chicken.

    Exercise: Do at least one hour of cardio every other day (running, dancing, jogging, etc) Also in addition to cardio exercise, you will want to lift weights. I suggest joining a guy that has a free training session so that they can teach you the fundamentals of lifting weights. Start off with 5-10 lbs for arms and slowly work your way to a heavier weight. Search google for good workouts and meal plans too that will help! Good luck! Stick to the plan!

  3. Spencer said :

    that’s not hard,try to exercise at least half an hour every day


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