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How can I lose some of that leg fat?

What can I eat or what excersizes can I do??
And how can I lose some fat around my waist?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose some of that leg fat?”

  1. pinkradio14 said :

    run a mile or 2 everyday

  2. Andrew said :

    For the waist, try doing some crunches. I know it’s boring, and it’s repetitive, but just stick to it and work at it.

    For the legs, I would try walking more. Maybe jogging if you can, when you get the free time to. If you really start getting into this, try and build up your speed, and start jogging/running as a hobby. Eventually you will get to like it, and you will see yourself become more tone down, and you will start to lose the fat.

    Hope this helped!

  3. sunflower said :

    Walking, use a stationary bike, leg lifts, crunches. Burn more calories than you consume.

  4. LADii3 R3D said :


  5. newsjunkie_harold said :

    well you might want to consult a doctor or healthcare
    expert about more healthy eating, cause all the jogging
    biking in the your life will do no good if you eat a lot
    of sweet stuff, burgers, pizza drink a lot of pop
    but also try what the other responders are suggesting
    biking, running, jumbing jacks, swimming, skipping rope
    is good exercise when done fast, boxers skip rope
    good luck to ya

  6. Frank H said :

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