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How can I lose some of the flab I have?

I’m 15 years old and weigh around 150. My BMI says that’s normal, but I have some fat that I’d like to lose. How can I lose some fat around these areas at home without special equipment?
1. upper thighs
2. tush
3. tummy

Also, will just general playing or jumping on a trampoline help these spots?

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3 Responses to “How can I lose some of the flab I have?”

  1. TAMMY M said :

    i wish we could lose fat in the areas we want but you can’t spot reduce you have to lose weight all over and as i know that area is the last to go. i am struggling with the same thing right now. I have read that nothing beats the boring sqauts to tighten the are but you can’t see firm tone muscle under a layer of fat so you just have to lose some fat. But please be careful i know at your age it seems that image is everything but be nice to yourself and healthy. Obsessing over losing weight can lead to eating disorders, so love yourself regardless if you lose the extra you may think you have being healthy is always better than being too thin.

  2. Joya said :

    It’s true — you can’t “spot reduce.” However, if you expend more calories through exercise, that what you take in through eating, you will lose weight. You will need to exercise daily, if you want to reduce the flab. Some suggestions are:

    1) swimming (laps, not just paddling around)
    2) treadmill
    3) bicycling
    4) tennis

    and also try to mix in some use of hand weights for strength training, which will help sculpt your body, so that specific muscles can be toned.

  3. Tara Fabulous said :

    Try jumping rope or running


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