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how can i loose weight ASAP! my school starts in 3 days!?

i kno u cant lose it very quickly but gimme some ways to do it as fast as i cud and all things i shud or shudnt eat! thanx!

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10 Responses to “how can i loose weight ASAP! my school starts in 3 days!?”

  1. Silly M said :

    No one can loose weight. If you want to LOSE weight by September 6th, start running a few months ago, and watch what you eat.

  2. ouroboris said :

    You should’ve started dieting & excercising as soon as the last session let out. That’s not to say you can’t start now, in fact that would be an excellent idea. Good luck.

  3. abc x said :

    Follow Canada’s food guide:

    Avoid all junkfood, juices, and pops. Try to eat less meats and carbs, and try to eat more beans, fruits, and veggies. Drink lots of water – it helps your metabolism.

    Exercise will really help you lose weight and tone your body.

  4. Tallia said :

    You can’t lose weight that quickly in a healthy way. If you’re going to lose weight, make sure you’re still healthy. Eat less, and if you’re going to snack, snack on veggies like carrot sticks or eat fruit and nuts and seeds. Take up gentle exercise like jogging or cycling or swimming.

    The weight means nothing – you’re still the same person you were before the summer.

  5. um yea hi said :

    drink water, eat healthy, jog
    eat celery. it takes more calories to eat celery than it actually has in it.

  6. Sarza said :

    No Trans fats! Eat lots of protein, exercise, yoga, bike etc. oh and except yourself the way you are you should only want to loose if your BMI is off or a Doctor tells you try this site please

  7. goddessofchaos50 said :

    You should never go on a crash diet to lose weigt, as for you will gain double the weight lost later. You should see an endocrinologist and get some tests done to determine f your weight is just from choosing the wrong combination of foods, or if you have a thyroid problem that is not allowing you to lose the weigth you want.

    After that is determined, then your doctor will work with you to help you lose weight the healthy way by giving you a regimen that is tailored to your system and metabolism. You should try to pick up a sport or an activity as for just working out can be kind of boring, if you pick up an activity that you like, you will have already won the first step towards staying fit….

    With time, patience and dedication you will be able to lose considerable amount of weight within a 3 to 4 month period, and from then on is just keeping up and maintaining a healthy eating regimen combined with exercising. You don’t have to diet for the rest of your life, but be mindful of the things you eat.

    Good luck!!

  8. sarathefashiongirl said :

    buy a sauna belt on tv it makes you sweat

  9. gold.panner said :

    Cut off your legs….. not your arms though. Their attached to your hands and you’ll need them to write with. Another option is to cut you head off and have your hands attached where your neck used to be. The hand will act like feet and you could still use them to write with…… that would knock off a significant a mount of weight.

  10. wanttolpve said :

    hey u answered my question about great expectations. would like to know if you had a experience with them. how can i get in touch with you?


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