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How can i get my ferrets to lose some weight?

i have 2 ferrets and they both are a little to fat.. i let them run around in the living room everyday for about 3 hours at the most. Is there anyway i can get them to lose some of there weight?

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19 Responses to “How can i get my ferrets to lose some weight?”

  1. ISitOnBabies said :

    stop feeding them

  2. Michael said :

    Don’t feed them human food (cheeseburgers).

  3. cutigrl said :

    give it healthy food. and make go on a wheel like a hamsterr

  4. Linkin Park Fan said :

    eat them

  5. Alice_Cullen said :

    1) Only feed them twice a day and don’t let the food stay out
    2) Let them run around more
    3) Take them to the vet

  6. Ed said :

    take them to the

  7. emarker64g said :

    feed them half of what you usually do.

  8. Mandy said :

    Let them run around your house, thats what I did with mine, They would always come back out after they were done. or I just coaxed them out with something they liked! But give them space let them act like ferrets!

  9. An Alternate Angel said :

    Take them for walks on those leashes? Let them run for 6 hours? LOL. I dont know dear but I hope they get to loosing some weight.

    My fiance laughed when I read him this question, he wants to know if you can send a picture, he’s never seen a fat ferret. LOL.

  10. Car Car said :

    put him or she on a twirly thing like a mouse on a wheel hope you got some advice on this answer!

  11. kpar09 said :

    if you’re feeding them more than once a day, bring it down a notch. three time, go to two. two times, go to one. eventually get down to just one meal a day.

  12. Giggly_Girl said :

    Gradually feed them a little less each day (but don’t starve them) and maybe instead of buying treats especially for ferrets, just give them a little bit of fresh fruit each night. I don’t have a ferret, so I don’t know what kind of fruit they can eat, so you definitely want to research that. You’d be surprised what foods can harm animals. And buy a wheel that can be attached to their cage so they can run on it whenever they want. And continue to let them run around each day.

    Good luck and I hope I could help! 😀

  13. love_addiiction said :

    Lol chubby ferrets. I would put them on a healthy diet and make them eat at least 10% less than normally. Give them a food schedule dint just give them food and when its gone you give them more.

  14. Bailey said :

    steam roller

  15. Samantha said :

    You could try buying them ferret diet treats. I bought my ferret some of those. I think they are from the Marshalls brand. You can get them at PetsSmart for about 3 dollars or so. Keep letting them run around the living room, and dont give them any other treats. Just make sure when you give them a treat its one of the diet treats =)
    This helped my ferret get a little skinnier
    Good luck!


  16. animal lover said :

    i think you can get them special food for them at a pet store. i have a hedgehog and he is a little chubby as well and i got this great food fr him that isn’t that expensive. my advice is to try to go to more local pet stores rather than pet smart or something. hope i helped.

  17. Person said :

    Give it a diet of high quality cat food. You can also walk your ferret if you’re sure they can’t get away.

  18. Sarah said :

    Try talking to a local pet store that carries foods that don’t make them gain as much fat.
    But having my own ferrets, its very normal for a ferret to lose its coat and up to 30% of body weight every summer naturally, but only as long as you keep letting them run around and exercises frequently. I know they can be lazy, so keep them active.
    Also, even though they are fat, that is something that is very normal. Just maintain their healthy living style, and they will live a very normal and healthy life, even if they are a little on the chubby side:)

  19. BMTHESPIAN said :

    What type of diet do you have them on? Do not as some have suggested put them on an exercise wheel. That is not appropriate for ferrets and can cause severe injury. Don’t only offer food 1 or 2 times a day as has been suggested either. Ferrets have high metabolism and need to eat small amounts frequently. Frankly it unusual to see a fat ferret are you sure yours just aren’t larger ferrets? I would recommend consulting your vet to see if they feel they are overweight or just big. If the are overweight then try activities that encourage them to run around more when they are out. The cat toys on a stick are a good idea but only if you are playing with them as the string is dangerous if they eat it or get tangled up in it. Stuffing a couple pieces of kibble in a ball for them to try to get out will also encourage them to chase the ball to get the food out.


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