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How can a 14 year-old male lose belly fat quickly and easily?

I know this sounds like I’m lazy, but I want to lose the layer of fat around my mid-rif. I can’t work out much in the morning becuase of school, but most nights I’m free.
I’m 14 years old, 11 months, 6ft 1-2inches, and weigh 185 pounds, (or 86 kg).
I want some help, and really some knowledge on what work-outs I can do, how long I should do it for, what I should eat, anything really.
Thanks a lot :D:D

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4 Responses to “How can a 14 year-old male lose belly fat quickly and easily?”

  1. Alice N said :

    Targetted weight loss is quite tough, many would declare impossible, nevertheless the only diet that clearly worked for me is wu-yi tea, it can be checked out in the resource box underneath, they have a small number of free trials in stock, it has been highlighted in Reader’s Digest and USA Today. I lost thrity pounds, it clearly does produce results!

  2. xxcaseys_kissxx said :

    Since Your 14 just start by joining a school sport.
    No need for you to go to the gym just start jogging outside and build endurance.

  3. waterlin said :



    no cost involved, all that is needed is your dedication

    p.s. i know a guy who lost 25 lbs. just by eliminating coca-cola from his diet. he drank water in place of it.

  4. Keith Shroyer said :

    Something I came across while trying to lose my love handles and belly fat. It’s called Fabdominal. It’s a fat burning cream that us men can use to help us burn the fat right off. The manufacturer claims 86% of men lost inches during their clinical trials…personally I enjoy this product because I use it with running and bicycling…check it out and feel free to check my blog out too, we are here to help each other and as a father of five I know when support is needed. Take care. I posted the link below:


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