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How do I lose belly fat quickly and easily?

I’m 14, very active and I’m starting to eat really healthy. I don’t have that much fat to lose, but I want to tone up in my belly area. Some places say cardio, some say strength exercises. I just want to lose the weight pretty quickly

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5 Responses to “How do I lose belly fat quickly and easily?”

  1. Teresa Smite said :

    do sit ups every night… increase the number of sit ups by 5 each night

  2. **(Irri5i5tab!3) said :

    dis iz my question too
    anywayz u dnt want to loose weight too quickly or else u will get extra skin,like
    loose skin dats not 2 hot

  3. Deserie said :

    Im so sick of reading all these questions from 13-14-15 year old girls asking omg how do i loose this fat, and fast!?

    You shouldent b trying to loose weight at such a young age, its not healthy unless your extremely obese whitch im sure your not. your body is still developing and growing and loosing weight would not be a good idea at this young age, besides THERE IS NO FAST WAY OR EASY WAY TO LOOSE WEIGHT. YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD, AND IT TAKES TIME.

  4. redrumredrumx said :

    You’ll lose it when your body is ready; you’re only 14! Good luck.

  5. erock said :

    Sit ups but more importantly a good diet. This is probably just as important as the exercise. You can exercise all you want and but if you are not eating right you will just grow muscle behind the little fat you may have. Also cardio is the next best thing. So the order I have found to work is focus on Diet, cardio and then the sit ups. You really need all three but my point is you can’t just do sit ups and hope all goes well.


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