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How can i easily and quickly lose weight?

im 17 years old and i weigh like like 197? but i don’t really like to weigh myself that much anymore. i’m kinda too lazy to do exercise. but ive been trying not to eat like past 7 p.m. like what can i do??

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20 Responses to “How can i easily and quickly lose weight?”

  1. carano1xt said :

    run, bike, squats, lunges, curls, pushups, dips, calfraises
    eat a high-protein, low carb diet, lots of veggies & water

  2. LJBstudio said :

    drink cold water.
    go to bed hungry.
    lay off the carbs, like bread, pasta…
    cut out all pop, chocolate bars, chips, and fast food…

    I did and lost 50 lbs.

  3. MOTHERFICKLE said :

    Maybe step it up a bit. Do a mile run each day. If you really want to lose weight you will exercise. It’s the quickest way, instead of just not eating.

  4. shoppingchic101 said :

    first of all.
    get off the computer and GET MOVING!

    if u want to lose weight FAST…

    then ….

    two words. Jenny Craig.

    or another two words

    Weight Watchers.

    or one word.


    you know! 😉

    good luck!

  5. Rych said :

    go throw up.

    nah, dont do that. I’m sorry to break it to ya but exercising is probably the only way to lose weight. Try eat healthier as well

  6. Micheal Jackson fan said :

    easy. exercise its the fastest. all those other things are bull crap

  7. vicky said :

    set a diet and
    take walks and
    go for runs

  8. Kaylaa said :

    ii thiink you just shouldnt eat. that always works 4 mee!
    hoope ii helpt! uu should seriously tryy!

  9. Debbie said :

    Look, if you want to lose weight you have to be committed to it. Stop trying to find an “easy” way to do it! The healthiest and best way to lose weight is to exercise regularly, drink LOTS of water, and eat healthy

  10. Unfourtanate said :

    Eat healthily! And walk a lot (: A good exercise is to put on some rave music and dance crazily for ages! Sounds silly, but it’s still exercise and it’s a lot more fun that going to the gym!

  11. Scarlett!xx said :

    3000 calories = 1lb, so say you stop eating a chocolate bar everyday which you’d normally eat, you’d loose 1lb in 12 days. EAT LESS, no one seems to get that to lose weight you have to eat less, it’s not difficult!!!

  12. Lloyd said :

    A easy quick way is cut out candy and soft drinks.. try to take the stairs when you are at the mall… park out a little further when you are are at stores so you can walk more walk before dinner so you burn calories while you eat..there are a couple of things you can do Good luck

  13. mandi said :

    If you like salad a pretty there is a easy diet you can go on. For breakfast have one glass of citrus juice two eggs two pieces of bacon. Then for lunch have a salad, a piece of grilled meat, and a cup of juice. Then for dinner you can do the same thing or have a brothey soup, vegetables are fine in it but try to stay away from noodles, and a cup of juice. You can’t eat bread or anything in that family. Do this for 2 weeks 1 if it is too long than take one off. If you stick to the diet you will quickly but healthily loose weight.

  14. Brian said :

    you cannot easily and quickly lose weight unless you take a diet pill that will for a short period allow you to lose weight, then effect you in the long wrong inhibiting your ability to lose weight in the future. The only thing you can do is diet properly and exercise. What you eat is important, if your eating junk food, dairy, large portions at a time, your probably going to gain weight even if it’s b4 7. try a vegetarian diet with small portions at a time 5 small meals instead of 3 large meals. This will allow your metabolism to increase and you will burn off what you eat faster. Also you have to exercise there’s no getting around it if you truly want to lose weight. running,(not walking), and cardio, you gotta do something and you should do it for 1-2 hours at least 4-5 times a week. good luck.

  15. possiblyantelope said :

    You won’t unless you exercise and that’s the truth, sorry.

    I lost 20 pounds though by jogging for 10-15 minutes a day for a few months. Partially this is because I rarely exercise EVER (outisde of marching band and DDR =P) so when I did it was a lot more for me than for a normal person haha. The thing is though, when you do this, you have to do it every day or it won’t be nearly as quick.

    Like I said, I used to play a lot of Dance Dance Revolution. If you’re too lazy to work out, maybe if you play the game it won’t seem like exercising? But you have to be pretty good like maaybe “standard” and “heavy” level in order for it to do much.

    Also if you’re too lazy you might think, “Okay! I just won’t eat!” DON’T do it because you absolutely will gain it back and possibly more as soon as you forget or give up, which almost always happens.

    If you’re in high school or college try to join marching band and if you want to lose weight really fast join the drumline. It’s semi-tough and they lose A LOT of weight every year when they do it.

    Also, if you can, follow serving sizes and try to eat only healthy foods. Luckily you live in 2009, so that doesn’t just mean fruits and veggies. My grandparents have only healthy choice/smart ones/lean pockets/eating right tv dinners and I lose weight almost every time I go over there. The tv dinners are usually very good, which is a big plus. Also, try to replace all your other foods with low fat alternatives, such as Special K waffles instead of Eggos, fat free dressing, low fat or free syrup/butter, egg substitute/egg whites, etc.

    Sugar turns into fat so don’t eat too much of it. Always keep some skinny cow ice cream sandwiches or other low fat or fat free treats in your freezer so when you have a craving you can turn to that instead of a tasty but super bad for you chocolate cake.

    By the way, when I saw low fat, I (almost always) mean less than 10g, and better yet, less than 8g. Don’t forget to look at sugar and carbs and calories too!

    ALSO, a big mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that lifting weights will make you skinnier. It will make you firmer, but if you bulk up too much, you could end up looking larger! You need constant cardio!!! Running and jogging are best and if you can find a track that’s better than a treadmill in my opinion. Just don’t run around outside at night!

    Do that. =D

  16. sixmorans said :

    Can you follow an easy plan? If you can, make a plan to lose 1 pound each month. This will not be so hard because is a very small amount.

    Eat a little less greasy foods and more fruits on your diet.

    Weight yourself every month. If it works you loose 12 pounds per year and your body will feel ok with the new weight because it had enough time to adapt to it.

  17. Hey J.J said :

    It’s a fact, most women of the U.S have a hard time losing weight. I’m japanese, and so is my mom. EAST SIDE! My mom weighs about 135, and she’s only 40. The best thing to do to lose weight is to exercise and eat right. Don’t listen to any of those T.V commercials that tell you to buy this and buy that. Truth is, I used to weigh 105 when i was 7. I had help having my mom not buy me junk food anymore. Then, I started getting into sports. Basketball is the sport where you lose the most calories. Or, for your sake, you can just go out and run or speedwalk for 20 minutes. You’ll see results in a week or two. And, (if you want to lose that thigh and butt fat) Sit against a wall like you’re sitting in a chair and hold it for a minute. You’ll get used to it. For that stomach fat, lay on the ground and lift your legs in the air. (They must be together) Lift your hip off the floor, then bring it back down. You’ll feel the BURN. Hope this helps!

  18. Waali said :


  19. First S said :

    The right way to eat to lose weight faster
    Eat 4-to-5 small (300-to-400 calorie) meals every 4-to-5 hours. That’s 1200-to-2000 calories every day. Women should eat no more than 1200-to-1600 calories a day and see step 9 for the foods you can eat .

  20. Klgdh S said :

    You should aim to do a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a day, which can be anything that makes you slightly out of breath and warmer than usual. You do not have to go to the gym to exercise. Your exercise programme can include walking or cycling to and from work, a brisk walk at lunchtime, or using the stairs instead of the lift.


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