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Have you lost weight and kept in off just by portion control and exercise?

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3 Responses to “Have you lost weight and kept in off just by portion control and exercise?”

  1. JemmaAnt said :

    Yep. I lost two stone last year and I have kept it off by eating better food, less food, eating more fruit and veg and doing keep fit dvds.

    I do the DVD’s 3 times a week and have managed to keep the weight off.

    I hope that helps.

  2. Kate said :

    I have lost 10 lbs since the New Year by just eating a balance diet of dairy, protein, fruit and veg and carbs, not eating junk food and exercising. It does take a lot of will-power, especially if you got a sweet tooth, but there are low calorie options if you can’t give up sweet things entirely

  3. adelly said :

    I have lost just over half a stone since January. I started making better choices with what I eat for breakfast and lunch eg, swapped crumpets and butter for porridge and McDonalds for salads and soups. I work out about 5 nights a week on my crosstrainer and go with my mum dog walking. I’ve given up fizzy drinks, McDonalds, snacking on rubbish and having second helpings! I still have a takeaway once a week, roast dinner on a Sunday and chocolate now and then, as otherwise I can imagine I’d be miserable! It’s just about moderation and burning it off with exercise!


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