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Have you lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off?

Just under three years ago I lost three and a half stone and got down to my ideal weight, today it has stayed off.
My logical approach was 200 calories less a day over a year =
73 000 calories or the equivalent of a man going without food for 30 days, apart from ditching crisps and reducing carb intake by about a third it was this approach that got & still keeps the weight off, I still eat chocolate etc, but make sure it’s instead of rather than in addition to something.
I relax on holidays etc, but can easily swing back into it and remove the pound or three that i’ve put on, mainly because I wasn’t doing any faddy or drastic diet before.
has anyone else on here used a similar unorthodox approach?

the initial goal was three stone in twelve months, I reached the goal in eight months.
hi JB,
…a stone is fourteen pounds. x

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8 Responses to “Have you lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off?”

  1. Ronald S said :

    yes, lost 50 pounds in 6 months time.

    eating healthy foods only and not drinking beer.

    and excersing.

  2. ross m said :

    I used to be 13 stone which is quite heavy for a 5’7″ man. I got a greyhound that needs at least an hours worth of walking a day and began to cut out fast food. I am now 91/2 stone which has gone up from the lowest level of 81/2 Ib reached last summer. If you get enough exercise you can eat what you want.

  3. fwtmagik said :

    a few years ago i lost 6 stone with the help of metformin and better eating habits, now im stuck at this weight i am and cant shift it for love not money, ive tried everything, went to the gym 3-4 times a week, walked 4 miles a day and didnt loose a pound.
    a few months ago i went to the doc and they put me on orlistat which didnt work either, i think in the whole 3 months i was on it i lost 6 pounds.

  4. JessieBessy said :

    …whats a stone in pounds??? No i have no but i despritly need to lose some weight, Im in the process for losing weight…Congrats!!!

  5. ☺†♥bethany♥†☺of much Faith! said :

    i don’t know what 3 stone is, but i have lost 50 lbs. since last November. i just started counting calories! i do the same thing when it comes to goodies; i have them instead of to addition too! limited carbs as well. i try to stay around or below 1200 calories per day and i don’t kill myself with exercises. i just mainly do toning ones! congrats on your weight loss and be sure to take a daily vitamin!☺

  6. Marlyne B said :

    I weighed 90 lbs when I married at age 19. I maintained a 124 lb. weight for years until, by the grace of God I quit smoking and Will gladly accept the weight gain since then in place of the dangers of smoking. However, weight has a great deal to do with ones health.

    Due to losing the use of my muscles from childhood polio that now hits survivors in 6 figures, I can not exercise and a housekeeper has to keep our condo clean. When you age and become one of those forced to lead a sedentary life, losing weight is nearly impossible even with sensible eating.

  7. fatty bum bum said :

    i have lost weight many times and kept it iff for a while maybe 6 months maybe 12 months. the secret is not to let yourself slide back into all those bad habits you had before because the end result is you end up putting more weight on than before.

  8. Blair Gastelo said :

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