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How can I lose a bunch of weight in one week?

There’s only one week until school starts and I really wanted to be at my goal weight by then, but I know I can’t lose 20 pounds in that amount of time. I was wondering what exercises are the best to lose weight and jiggle from my thighs, my stomach, and my arms. I do have access to some weight lifting equipment but I prefer things I can do at home. Also, what type of foods should I be eating to try and lose weight?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose a bunch of weight in one week?”

  1. andy e said :

    Your school needs to include some basic biology in it’s classes.fat is….fat and guess what?muscle is muscle,you can’t change fat into muscle or burn off fat by making a muscle contract.

  2. Rachel said :

    I dunno if its true but go online and read about posh’s new detox diet. Apparently she lost a bunch of weight in a week. But dont forget you’re beautiful the way you are so if you dont reach the goal then its no problem. 🙂 Good

  3. carrieanne said :

    that’s easy!!!! eat less, move more.
    Be sensible about what you eat and avoid carbs in the evening, don’t eat 2 hours before bed and drink plenty of water.
    The weight will fall off!

  4. Konstantin said :

    More than five pounds a week isn’t reasonable.

    But what you can do is eat small enough meals to satisfy yourself, and then suppress your hunger. Gum will do that, as will smoking (I don’t recommend this one), eating fruits and light snacks. Forget diet pills and diet plans; they cause more harm than good and don’t work for everyone.


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