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What is a good plan to lose weight as a teen?

I’m 15 years old and am 5’2″. I currently weigh about 125-127. My goal weight is the 110-115 range. I’m planning on taking in 1500 calories a day and exercising for one hour. Is that a good plan to lose weight relatively fast? Thanks.

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3 Responses to “What is a good plan to lose weight as a teen?”

  1. Tiktaalik said :

    Fast? No. Correctly, healthfully and permanently? Yes. Stick with your plan and you’ll lose 1-2 pounds a week, and they’ll stay off.

  2. Kayla H said :

    It won’t happen fast but it is much healthier than crash dieting. Also the wieght will stay off and you will probably keep on wanting to lose wieght. Oh and stay away from diet pills!

  3. Miss Paperwhites said :

    You may actually need more calories than that, especially since you’re not particularly overweight. That last thing you want to do is deprive your body of critical nutrients while it’s still growing; of all the times in your life, this will be one of the worst to restrict your intake of healthy calories, which I know is frustrating to hear.

    What I suggest is this: make a plan to eat healthy meals and snacks, meaning: lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains; not a lot of processed white flour and white sugar, and no fast food. Don’t count calories, but write down what you consume and the portion sizes. After two or three weeks, go back and do a little math project to determine how many calories you naturally eat on an average day. Then, if you’re not seeing any results with exercise alone, you can scale this back by ten percent – as long as you’re making sure to get enough calcium, etc.

    You should probably see results without having to diet, though, just by that hour of exercise daily. This is a fairly solid amount, and given your young metabolism, it should yield some real results for you. Surprisingly, going all out, running as fast as you can DOESN’T burn fat. If you can barely speak, it’s too much. It’s when you’re just a little below that – when you can say about three to five words without having to suck in a great lungful of air – that you’re in the fat-burning zone. If you want to learn more about that, just ask any science teacher about anaerobic vs. aerobic processes!

    Lastly – water, water, water – 64 ounces a day, not counting whatever you drink during your workout. It will help more than you can imagine.


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