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How to lose weight in a some what short amount of time?

Does anyone know any or different ways to lose weight in a somewhat short amount of time? Besides anorexia and bulimia. I’ve tried a lot of things and I remain at a my constant weight. Let me know if anyone knows.

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14 Responses to “How to lose weight in a some what short amount of time?”

  1. weis85 said :


  2. Chanters said :

    im after the same answer! i need to lose a stone in 5 weeks!

  3. ioulove said :

    I dont know try diet and exersize.

  4. Zzz said :

    Diet and Exercise. You can use drugs,like the lady did on Requiem for A Dream.Then can die.

    Love yourself as yourself.Dont try to change.

  5. ck said :

    You don’t want to lose weight in a short amount of time. Yes, this sounds counterinuitive but here’s why: When you starve yourself (the only way to lose weight fast) you slow down your metabolism in which your body thinks its in a famine. Then when you eat regularly again, you’ll gain all your weight back and maybe add a few more. Instead, a healthy rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week in which you can achieve this by cutting 500-1000 calories a day from your diet. You can do this by eating less and/or exercising more. Do the research.

  6. Becca said :

    what do you need to lose weight for? if your healthy then i wouldnt worry about it. just keep at healthy meals and excercising. its unhealthy to try to lose weight too fast

  7. Mary said :

    exersize & lots of coffee! its always worked for me in a crunch.

  8. chyna doll said :

    you should go on a water fast for a week. i did it and i lost weight, but after the fast you have to eat healthy and exercise regularly. but the water fast is the quickest way to loose weight

  9. Torieee H said :

    stop eating meat. or what i do is just eat a fruit or some viggies when you frist wake up and have a bowl a soup mid day.

  10. Birdy likes guns n roses said :

    go each morning outside and run for 20 minutes while listening to your ipod or something

  11. totally said :

    have you heard of herbalife?

    I’ve used this product, been to personal meetings and it works. You take one milkshake in the morning with the tea, have one healthy healthy lunch (rice and vegetables for example)…and one milkshake at night.

    The milkshake with make you feel full , and the flavors are awesome.

  12. Eternity.Angel said :

    Eat a healthy diet and exercise.

    Use to loose weight.

  13. digithree said :

    Perhaps that is you optimum weight for the amount you eat, exercise and rate at which your body operates (metabolism). You could try eating better food, exercising more or going through some kind of detox.

    One of my friends lost around half a stone by doing a coffee enema. Although it may seem extreme, apparently it’s not that bad and it’s good for your health in general.

    As for eating better food, there is a lot of information on the internet describing different eating concepts like macrobiotic, etc.

    Keep in mind though that you may be at your optimum weight. And before you take any steps to change your weight make sure it is indeed your weight that you think is the problem, and not you body shape or size! Either way be happy with who you are, life’s more fun that way.

  14. Stephanie P said :

    Ok if you wanna lose weight in a short amount a time like 4 days than try eating healthy like eating salad and fruits and veggie also try running or going to the gym hope it helps 🙂


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