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Fast ways to lose weight in the first few days for cheer?

I really need a good diet. If I need to starve myself, that’s fine with me as long as it doesn’t last longer than a day.

I need to lose weight because I’m a flyer in cheer and my bases said I’ve gotten heavier. Any tips to lose weight fast?

Please have good answer. I’ll best answer the most helpful!!
I do stay tight and pull up, I just need to lose weight. :[[

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3 Responses to “Fast ways to lose weight in the first few days for cheer?”

  1. Ashley K said :

    If your bases have said that you have gained weight, there is really no way to loose weight that quickly for there to be a difference honestly. One thing that you can do in your stunts is try pulling up more through your shoulders, the difference between a flyer pulling up and staying tight can be a difference of what feels like over 20 pounds, which is something that you cannot loose in a few days, and I am sure that you don’t have to. I have based girls who weigh just as much as I do, but since they pull up and stay tight it they can feel lighter than the smallest flyer.

  2. ~♥Cheer♥~ said :

    work out & starve yourself

  3. katecheerforce said :

    Im a flyer too and heres what i do (and no im not anorexic i just want to be small and fit). I drive my self to school so in the morning i have one of those mini campbell’s soups that you can take like in the car and drink. I personally have the chicken and stars flavor because its the least calories (only 70, 15 from fat). During the day i drink those flavored carbonated waters that have no calories because they fill your stomach and make you not hungry. At lunch i drive my friends to places they want to eat but i bring a Cliff Bar from home and eat that. Somedays i dont want a cliff bar for lunch so i just tell my friends i dont feel good but the bars add nutrition that you are depriving yourself of so its better to eat them.

    Whatever you do just make sure you eat breakfast because that is what kickstarts your matabolism after sleeping all night.

    If you really want the process to go faster eat what i put above every other day and on the other days just drink one of the flavored carbonated waters so your stomach doesnt grow all day.


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