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Will living on a diet of 500 cals, coffee and water make me lose weight fast?

I’m 15 and am currently 115 lbs. I want to lose weight – fast. I’ve decided i want to try and consume around 500 cals per day with around 8 glasses of water and also coffee (including 1 sugar and semi skimmed milk), combined with exercise. how much weight do you think i could lose in 6 weeks of this?

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16 Responses to “Will living on a diet of 500 cals, coffee and water make me lose weight fast?”

  1. For Whom The Bell Tolls said :

    as its a quater of your RDA i guess it would. not advisable however

  2. Cavan said :

    Unless you are under say 4″6′, dont bother, your weights fine.

  3. AnnieB said :

    You could probably lose about 14-21 pounds but you would also stand a good chance of making yourself malnourished at the same time.

  4. Silvia said :

    I don’t really think there is anything wrong with weighing that much at 15. If you think that’s wrong then, you don’t have good infuence around you. Also, that would not be a good diet. Because you are only putting sugar and caffeine in your body basically. You should take care of your body instead, because it goes through a lot of crap for you.

  5. craigrobertjohnson said :

    You will lose a lot, but this will be muscle lost and it will affect your health adversely. Also when you stop the diet, it will all come back on as fat and this is worse long term – and also why extreme diets don’t work in the long run.

    Sad to say, but you’re also too young to diet – you haven’t finished growing yet and you could stunt your growth by restricting calories so much as this age – this will lead to problems for the rest of your life, it’s really not worth the risk yet.

  6. happytiger said :


    You don’t need to lose any weight at 8stn you can’t afford to, you need the calories and sensible nutritional food, you are still growing, no Dr would sanction this crazy diet. Good luck, be sensible and happy, from.


  7. kbcying said :

    Losing weight quickly by such a reduced level of calorie intake can damage your liver,kidneys etc.You are better to lose weight gradually otherwise when you start consuming a normal amount of calories again you will probably put weight on again very quickly.The water drinking is a great thing,it helps to hydrate you and cleanse your body-eat healthily and exercise regularly.Make an appointment with your doctor and ask to be referred to a dietitian…hope this helps!

  8. Bo P said :

    you will end up bingeing because you are starving yourself

  9. jhade said :

    Yes you will lose weight, but you will “destroyyourself” in the process.

    Also, unless you are 4 feet tall, 115 is not overweight. So, being 15 and 115 lbs, then eating only 500cals means that in 6 weeks you will most likely be dead. Not attractive to anyone, not able to compete in any sports.

    Talk to your doctor before doing this. Anyone with a brain will tell you that this is ridiculous.

  10. Kelly J said :

    bet your fine as you are don’t need to diet maybe do just bit of exercises without the diet will make you feel good about yourself. if you do what your thinking you will lose Weight then you will have to start eating again and put the weight back on and maybe more on top of that then you will try the same thing again and again and be battling with your weight for years.

  11. nitro5647 said :

    Do not do this, it is very unhealthy to live off 500 calories no matter how old you are but even more so at your age. Moreover if you combine that with exercise you will destroying your body.

    The general rule for dieting i believe is consume 1000 calories. If you want to lose weight you could just exercise and eat a normal amount of calories with a healthy diet, this would be a much healthier way of losing weight.

    Doing as you suggested will indeed make you lose weight quickly. However it will have damaging effects on your body and if taken to far permanent effects.

  12. Alexis said :

    ummm, the average 15 yr old girl should really be on a 1,500 calorie diet, but its fine if u wanna lose weight but u might wanna ditch the caffeine its not really that good for u. six weeks is probably enough time 2 lose maybe 20lbs if u stick 2 excersize and diet and dont cheat and sneak a pizza or sumthing.hope that helps a little : )

  13. ANNA said :

    you will make yourself ill on 500 Cal’s .instead eat sensible ,do lots of walking and swimming
    This way you will lose weight ,and be healthy and look Fantastic
    Be sensible DO The Right THING
    Good Luck

  14. sal said :

    Sure you’ll lose weight, but you’ll be so sick you’ll hardly be able to move, and you’ll convince your body that you’re starving to death so it will hoard every calorie for the next couple years. Just try keeping a healthy weight then. Besides 115 is a pretty good weight if not a bit low for anyone over 4’10”.

  15. versantly said :

    the opposite will happen -your body will begin to store calories as fat to protect you during your starvation diet. see your doctor.

  16. yr said :

    You’d definitely lose weight. Your weight will most likely plateau and you will be stuck on the same weight for a while, but you’d still lose weight. At least in the beginning. Good luck sticking to that.


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