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Do you lose weight quickly if you starve yourself?

I need to lose 10 or 15 lbs. How long do you think it will take by starving myself? Yes, i know what can happen if i starve myself and i know all the consiquences. I need real answers here. None of the “you shouldnt do that” crap.

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15 Responses to “Do you lose weight quickly if you starve yourself?”

  1. kristin said :

    i don’t know how long it would take but i would estimate atleast a month

  2. rakn0x said :

    NO NO NO-when u starve yourself you do loose weight-HOWEVER when you eat your body will think thats all the food its getting so itll hold on to it, so if u starve urself ull get fatter in the longrun-happened to Oprah b4 lol

  3. Therealnapster said :

    At first you will gain weight. This is due to the fact that your body will start to eat your stored fat. Once the stored fat is gone, you will start to lose a substantial amount of weight.

  4. ladybug18ju said :

    you’re crazy then why don’t u just eat and exercise also drink water and vegetables also fruits then you’re on the way to lose weight and don’t overexert yourself.

  5. StressedGirl said :

    Yes, but then you have that flabby fat that you can’t get rid of if you don’t exercise, and you can’t exercise if you don’t eat because you don’t have enough energy. See the twist? So, good exercise and diet is always the number one key…try the southbeach diet.

  6. huggz said :

    Sorry but you know its bad for you then you will also know that you will lose weight …. after suffering maybe 3 – 4 weeks of severe abdominal cramps and hunger pangs, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, constipation, possibly cystitis, palpitations and many other nasty effects. Then just to put the icing on the cake, as soon as you start eating anywhere near a normal diet you’ll pile every pound back on…plus more. So yeah, go for it and good luck!

  7. sroach23 said :

    a steady heroin diet would do the trick, just ask all of the hot models.

  8. Boots McGraw said :

    Sorry, but you’re gonna have to hear the “crap”: DON’T DO IT.

    You will lose some weight initially; but as soon as your body realizes what you are doing, it will cause your metabolism to slow down so you stop losing weight. And then, it will stay so low that when you start eating again, you will gain it all back, and then some.

    And then you’ll be back here complaining that you’ll need to lose 25 pounds, and still won’t want to listen to people who offer sane, healthy advice.

    To lose weight: eat less, exercise more. Expect a one or two pound a week loss after losing maybe more than two the first week. That’s it.

  9. koreanflash33 said :

    Actually your body is just going to store up fat and water and you’ll look disgusting. If you really want to lose weight quickly then jog…lazy ass.

  10. Ashley said :

    NO! Bad idea. You’ll actually gain weight(water weight). I’m not gonna ramble on about how bad it is; but just exercise more.

  11. sal said :

    you would probably die before you loose 15 lbs and if u dont want to hear the truth why dont you just starve yourself and not ask how long its gonna take and find out for yourself

  12. pupgirl3 said :

    try to not eat junk food. eat things like fruits, veggies, yogurt, and stuff you like from the basic food groups and exercise a lot. have three meals a day.

  13. Merissa F said :

    nope. Your body starts holding on to what it has when you starve yourself. You’re much better off cutting your calories some, but not too low, and exercising (cardio is best). You’ll lose weight much faster doing that than starving yourself.

  14. frank said :

    absolutely.i lost 20 pounds in 2 mths by starving myself.

    the important thing is to maintain the new weight and this can be achieved by working out a lot and cutting on some weight producing diet.

    if you can motivate yourself to work out when you starve,you can have better results.

  15. no-l said :

    You would lose weight, but it will slow down your metabolism, and when you decide to eat again, you will gain even more weight.

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