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How to lose weight quickly and not starve?

I want to lose weight but still be able to eat good food that taste good can you give me some tips on how

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight quickly and not starve?”

  1. Give Me a STAR said :

    Hello! You are beautiful the way you are!
    But this is my answer for losing weight.
    Wake up atleast 7:00am-8:00am
    Go Walking and then Jogging for 30-45min
    Go Home. Eat Some Eggs, Toast, and thats a good sized meal. It was hard for me not to eat bacon. or Sausage.
    Watch TV Standing up and lifting Dumbbells if you have them. Or try this.

    Try Eating 4 small meals a day
    that are 3-4 hours apart
    Eat or Suck on ice to keep you hydrated
    Drink lots of water
    Get Dance Dance Revoulutionand it helped me lose 20lb. in 3weeks. Dont work your self 2 much.
    Try taking 30min breaks to sit down and not eat.

    Heres some ideas of what 2 eat.
    Eggs, Toast, Bagel, Salad,Sushi,
    (Salad with Low fat dressing)
    Salad,Sandwich,Spaghetti, Low Fat Hotdog (no bun. buns make it fattning), Chicken (home made)
    2 Hotdogs

    Eat up to 300 calories per meal or Rate how hungry you are from a scale of 1-10
    1-3 = 150 calories
    4-7 = 230 calories
    7-10 = 300 calories
    On Christmas or Thanksgiving make sure you wake up EARLY like 6:45am and go jogging and then comeback for family but when you are eating make sure you Eat little by little but If its Christmas thats the day you can eat 1000-3000 calories then burn them the next day.

    You Should take walks at 7:00pm and dont eat after 6:45-6:50pm Only WATER AND STOP DRINKING COKE IF YOU DO. You will lose 10 lb. in a week to swith to DIET SODA But if you quit all coke the gone!

    Dance 2 your favorite music and you will burn 1000 calories in 45 min!

    Love T

  2. Kal-El said :

    You can eat nutritiously and still eat foods that taste good. It’s all about choices and knowing what to eat and how much.

    You are not going to get your answers here because you need to full educate yourslef. I would start checking out magazines like Men’s health and drive to the bookstore and check out the health and wellness area. There are some great books on diet and excercise that also provide simple easy to follow plans.

  3. MATTHEW C said :

    Complete starvation is bound to bring about great weight loss but is much too dangerous. These new diets provide you with a way to lose weight safely by eating fat burning foods rather than by eliminating important foods from your daily diet.

    Pleasant and enjoyable exercise such as a walk every day will help to hasten your weight loss. These programs have online forums on their websites. Here you can discuss your weight loss problems or share your opinion,which can be of great help. One of the unusual ideas is that you should eat four meals daily,at intervals of least 2 1/2 hours between meals.

  4. Fankind said :

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  5. modelplus2000 said :

    Eat smaller meals more often(4 to 6, times a day) it really gets your metabolism going. I lost 20+ pounds doing this, with working out. Never feel hungry doing this, but you must eat the right things(no junk).

  6. Kim J said :

    I took an energy pill just so I could be more energized, but I ended up losing like 15 pounds without doing anything too strenuous. My trainer recommended the pill – 8 hour energy. Look it up!


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