How quickly will i lose weight if i starve myself?

i know you’ll be like “Don’t starve yourself You’ll damage yourself” and “It’s unhealthy” but i need to lose weight REALLY quickly and i’m excersising for about 1- 1 1/2 hrs a day and drinking plenty of fluids but i need to know how much weight i can lose! Thanks x x

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9 Responses to “How quickly will i lose weight if i starve myself?”

  1. azngyrl111 said:

    i think you should go on a fruit and veggie diet..keep exercising.

  2. mustlovedogs said:

    You lose weight very quickly for the first week or 2. Then it slows down, and becomes very hard to maintain. You will often start to see your weight creep back up. It is so tough to maintain and it does set you up for disordered eating. If you must do it, be ready for slip ups, and try to keep it for the short term only.

  3. MommaA said:

    Initially you will maintain weight for a couple days because your body will go into protection mode. I will release all of it’s stored up calories and fat because it knows its starving.

    Then you will lose muscle and protein not fat. So you will lose weight, although I can’t say exactly how quickly, but it will not be the kind of weight you want to lose. Losing muscle is a lot easier than gaining it back.

    Also starving yourself can cause an acid base imbalance and cause heart attack.


    don’t starve yourself you will wreak your metabolism

  5. Skinny Jeans and Softcover said:

    You’ll have an even harder time losing weight, it will slow your metabolism. And when you stop starving yourself, you’ll take TWICE as long to lose weight. I wouldn’t do it. And don’t do that Acai berry stuff, that’s only a scam.

  6. claudette said:


    If you want to learn how to lose weight, I suggest doing what this mom did

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    Hope this help,

  7. it's me said:

    haha. I was gonna say “It’s unhealthy,” because it’s only true. 😛 Also, once you starve yourself for only a little while, once you start eating again, you’re going to gain weight VERY quickly. It’s not only unhealthy, but it’s not very smart. I think what you’re doing right now is pretty good. You should become a vegetarian in the time that you’re losing weight, do NOT eat fast food even if it’s IHOP or Cracker and Barrel or places like that. Don’t eat out at all. Drink lemon water. I heard it’s very good for trying to lose weight.

    Also, don’t eat sweets and don’t be a potato couch. Also, the way you’re exercising matters. Are you running for 1-1 1/2 hours a day? are you jogging? are you lifting weights? I’m guessing you’re doing something VERY active since you need to lose weight so quickly. Well, I guess running would be most effective, but remember to drink PLENTY of fluid all the time. Don’t drink soda, or any soft drinks that are unhealthy. Drink things like vitamin water, V8, gatorade and things like that. Gatorade should also help you keep hydrated if you don’t have water around. I hope I helped! Good luck and remember: no matter what the situation is, don’t starve yourself!

  8. michael yao said:

    If you can keep on doing this for 2-3 weeks you should see the result. You can lose about 10-15 lb. But after that, it will be difficult. And eventually, you will get back whatever you were.

  9. Danny said:

    Don’t starve yourself, you’ll gain the weight back+more, I know from experience.

    Cut out soda, and watch your caloric intake.

    If you really want to lose weight FAST try to eat/drink (drinks have calories, just look at the label on the back) only around 1,200 calories a day or 1,500, you should lose weight pretty darn fast.

    I can lose around 5lbs a week if I keep my caloric intake low and exercise for only 20 minutes a day. I’ve done it a buuunch of times.

    Don’t cheat on your diet either!


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