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does low carb dieting help with all over body fat loss?

it doesnt jus target your tummy I guess is my question right?

will I see an all over improvement, combined with regular excercise at the gym?

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3 Responses to “does low carb dieting help with all over body fat loss?”

  1. Bob G said:

    it will help all over, you cant target your tummy or anything else, i dont care what quack told you you can… you cant.. thats like removing water from one side of a sink..
    fat is liquid, it levels itself
    just limit carbs,, get in lots of green veggies and be active!

  2. alexandra524 said:

    Yes Abbey is right, no diet or exercise plan will give you spot reduction (targeted weight loss).

    Low carb will decrease your all over body fat, but you may want to also focus on strength training. It will build up muscle -decreasing your body fat, which will then tone your body.

  3. silverbullet said:

    Food is fuel. Eat more than you need to power your day, the excess is stored as fat. Eat less than you need, stored fat is used to make up the difference. Fat is used up more or less evenly from all over. You don’t get to pick what fat gets used first.

    The Calorie (actually kilocalorie) is a unit of measure that indicates the energy content of fuel, in this context, food. Carbohydrates are a type of fuel, as are fats and proteins. You need a balanced mix of all three to function. For weight loss purposes, calories matter, not carbs.

    Exercise helps the process by increasing your fuel requirements.


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