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how to lose belly fat, man boobs, my neck fat, and my thighs fat?

i am starting to workout and its about time i realize i need to loose weight…i gained alot of weight when i was with some of my obese friends who eats nothing but fast food, go to buffet almost every dinner time, and play sport once in a long while and get tired very quickly. i hav not so bad arms, my wrist is kinda small and my shoulders are really really muscular like alot of body builders. i am 5’5, weigh around 190s, have big BIG belly with love handles, man boobs that rests on my belly, and my neck is just getting bigger. i use to be around 160s 2 years ago until i met my obese friends in a new city. i dont really blame 100% to them because i should know what i need to do, but still they were not much of help. i need motivation, and my bro is a wrestling champ in high school but he’s too busy with his own life to give time to me, help me loose belly, love handles, boobs, thighs and neck…….and help me gain muscles all over my body, its a cry for help so HELP…….PLZZZZZZZZ.

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6 Responses to “how to lose belly fat, man boobs, my neck fat, and my thighs fat?”

  1. johnayy_apestoso said :

    Start walking. Eventually if you want to push yourself, start jogging. But walking will do wonders if you do it [almost] everyday for about half an hour. When I went walking with my friend I burned over 700 calories in just a little over an hour. Then just start doing push ups, squats, and crunches. All that good stuff.

    Don’t worry! You can do it! 30 pounds isn’t anything. I personally know people who have lost over 100 pounds! Good Luck :]

  2. fran j said :

    Join the Y and never go to a fast food restaurant or all you can eat buffet. Instead eat low fat foods, no trans fats, vegetables and fruits, fresh. You should see a big difference. Change your eating habits, read labels, be healthy.

  3. Monty said :

    haha u got man boobs!

  4. said :

    You cannot spot-reduce. It means that you would need to lose fat overall. Do lots of cardio – bike, jog, run, dance, do tae bo, aerobics – anything that gets your heart rate up. Do it for 30 mins to an hour. Don’t drink any sodas, not even diet sodas, and not even juice because they’re packed with sugar. Cutting out just 100 calories per day will make you lose 10 pounds in a year. I know one man who just stopped drinking soda and lost 30 pounds in a year. Did you know that one cup of soda like pepsi or coke has 3 tablespoons of sugar? One tablespoon of ketchup has 2 teaspoons of sugar. Sugar turns into carbohydrates and they are what makes a person gain weight the most. Stop eating pastries, sweets and white bread. Buy wholegrain or whole wheat bread instead. Don’t eat bagels – one bagel is equivalent to 4 slices of bread. You can substitute bread altogether with wholegrain pitas or wraps. In the last month I lost 5 pounds doing that. Eat meat, seafood, vegetables, and some fruits. Stay away from red meat, junk food/fast food, candy, etc… If it’s hard for you to give up sweet drinks (they are addictive) – slowly begin diluting juice with some water – every few days dilute the same amount of juice with even more water until you will get comfortable just drinking water alone – that is what I did and lost weight from that. It has to be a combination of diet and exercise.

    Try this for a week: work out for at least half an hour 3 times a day and you can try the following diet (or any other healthy, low fat, low carb, low sugar diet: For breakfast have plain oatmeal – cooked on water, not milk. Chop up half a banana into it into small pieces and mix it up with the oatmeal – the banana will add a natural sweet taste. After 3-4 hours take a whole grain/whole wheat pita (make sure it’s under 120 calories per serving). Put it in the microwave for 20 seconds until it is warm. Take a bit of avocado and spread it over the pita or wrap (avocados are high in fats, so use very little) Also, you can try putting a low fat dressing (spread very thinly). Don’t use mayo. Then put two leaves of lettuce onto the pita/wrap and into it either put small sliced pieces of grilled chicken or turkey cold cuts, though the grilled chicken is better. Make sure not to put too much so that you’ll be able to roll up the pita/wrap later. On top of the turkey or chicken – whatever you choose, you can put a few thin slices of cucumber, sliced, pitted olives, or any other vegetable you like. Roll it all up, make sure no ingredient falls out and enjoy. It is a low calorie, tasty, filling meal.

    3-4 hours later, have a salad with some sea food and then have a fruit for a snack. Then, in the evening (preferrably no later than 8 pm because ideally you shouldn’t eat at least 3 hours before bedtime), you could then either have some low sugar, whole grain cereal with skim milk, a thin slice of cheese on a slice of apple (like a sandwich – it tastes very good). Or you can have vegetable soup, steamed vegetables and grilled chicket cutlets or any other lean meat grilled or boiled – not fried. Type in “quick low fat recipes” into any search engine for additional ideas for healthy meals. Also do strength training after cardio – at least 10 mins of some sort of resistance – either lifting weights or anything else that challenges your muscles. This way the fat will be gradually coming off and the muscles you’ve been toning underneath will emerge. Your first priority is to burn the fat, because muscless will not show until the layer of fat covering them is dissolved, but working your muscles is important regardless because when you build muscles, you speed up your metabolism and tone up loose skin that could result from losing weight.

    Type in “negative calorie foods” and “foods that burn metabolism” into the search engine for additional information. Negative calorie foods are those foods which take more calories to be digested by your body than the amount of calories they contain – some examples are celery and onion, but there are many more, so check them out. I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last several months through implementing all these changes, so I know it can work for you. If you want to talk more about it and maybe have a support group as you’re on your weight loss journey, contact me.

    Good luck! You’re on the right track and you can achieve your weight loss goals!

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