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How can I loose 10 pounds in two weeks?

I exercize four times a week, 30 minutes cardio and then weights. I need to loose 10 pounds for a Halloween costume I need to fit into. I generally try to stay in shape the healthy way, but I don’t care if it is healthy or not. I NEED to shed the pounds quickly. I do not have the will power to simply starve myself, so suggestions are welcome. Are there miracle foods I can eat, or special fruit juices? Anything other than fasting?

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6 Responses to “How can I loose 10 pounds in two weeks?”

  1. universalspecialk said :

    instead of getting on your computer, go walking or do something OUTSIDE…just push and push and push and push…people think they can lose weight by exercising a little then being lazy like they usually are

  2. kara said :

    go on the 1000 calories a day diet and exercise
    or just get a bigger size

  3. Lita31 said :

    this is a good trick for the hard to loose pounds

    coca tea has all the nutrients your body needs and gives you extra energy to burn calories ( read the reviews)
    I generally replace a whole meal for 2 glases of the aloe vera – coca every day and so far I lost several pounds.

    If you really need quick results, drink the aloe vera- coca everytime you feel like eating, a full cold glass will take the food craving right away, just do not over do it!

  4. paigemat2002 said :

    Thats easy …detoxify! Getting rid the the toxins in your body with help your digestive system to get rid of exess fat that you body will store too much of. It gets rid of bloating with will take inches off of your waist. I did this and i thought it was fat but it turned out the exess flab i was carrying was just bloating. In one week i lost 8 lbs and my abs where flatter. Anyway I hope this helps.

  5. Steven K said :

    i lost 14#s in2 weeks by wearing a patch. It cuts your food intake.The best thing about this product is you lose FAT so the inches melt OFF.We call it the will power patch because you really DO NOT fell like eating as much as you normally do.

  6. My Friends Know M said :

    Keep your colon clean! Most people don’t understand that bloated look comes from the stuff your body can’t metabolize quickly so it just hangs around in your colon until it finds somewhere to go!
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