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how can i loose ten pounds in 2 weeks?! PLZ HELP!?

I have 2 weeks until summer vacation and want to loose 10 lbs. How can i drop the weight quickly? I’m not going to go anorexic or bulimic because that’s gross. I already dance, and run.

I’ve heard people talking about “Calorie Shifting”
What is it?
DOes it work?
and how do you do it?

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10 Responses to “how can i loose ten pounds in 2 weeks?! PLZ HELP!?”

  1. Bride2Be! said :

    Don’t eat any carbs… no bread, pasta, rice, etc.. you will see the pounds drop quickly

  2. i .♥. ♫. said :

    that probably unhealthy and impossible but try this

    and also work out

  3. wet-mogwai said :

    There’s no safe way of loosing 10 lbs. in 2 weeks. 1-2lbs. a week is all you can hope for. 10 vanity pounds is hardly worth fretting over anyway, certainly in 2 weeks. Be safe, best wishes.

  4. Joe C said :

    what you need to do is eat nothing but veggies and fake meat and water or pure juice you make yourself.. vegetables are negative calories and you need protein so fake meat since it has no fat. since you dance and run you should lose 10 lbs no time flat

  5. cameron s said :

    well i kinda dont like it when people are overconcerned about their weight and honestly if you already dance and run, thats impressive and i would imagine that you would be happy about how heavy you are but…

    um you could do all those things, and this sounds REALLY wierd, but…do them in warm clothing like jeans and a sweat shirt, work up more of a sweat and burn more calories, but then again im not the health expert

  6. Arukaido said :

    Continue doing your running and dancing. In the morning I would do 20-50 sit ups and maybe some push ups. For breakfast have something like an egg and turkey bacon or cheese or some milk. For lunch a salad or a wrap with turkey and cheese and lettuce is good. For supper chicken or steak or a salad or fish is good, but avoid any sugars. If you get hungry between meals have some almonds or sugar free jello. Don not eat for at least 2 hours before you go to bed. You will lose in no time. =D

  7. Stephanie said :

    well… my prom is in a week (friday), so i want to loose a few pounds. im gonna try the fruit flesh diet. my brother did it and its only three days and he lost 9 pounds. what you need to do, is buy protien (which is really really gross, but hey if you really wanna loose the wieght lol, and you eat/drink protien shakes, fruit, and veggies and of course water. honestly, it sounds terrible but its only for three days. i put the link below, you can either look or that or google “three day fruit flesh” good luck =D

  8. UrWifey said :

    the faster u lose it the faster u’ll gain it right back!! if u seriously wanna lose that much weight in that amount of time u got to seriously do some hardcore training… workout for a good hour or two every day!! dont eat alot of carbs and try to eat healthy..

    i started taking these “green tea” pills and i’ve lost a good 4 lbs in one week.. but i only work out like 20 minutes every other day.. now imagine if i worked out every day for an hour!? id be skinny by now ! lol

  9. Trix R 4 Kids said :

    Don’t eat for 2 weeks lol JK

    Eat healthy and drink only water.(Some good healthy foods are egg whites, otmeal, any fruit or veggie, grilled chicken or fish, and etc.)Just look up some healthy meals on the internet.

    Run 5 miles a day (yea I know its alot, but 10 pounds in 2 weeks is alot)

    just do these simple things and you should notice the diffrerence ASAP

    also do some strength training also.(crunches,sit ups,push ups, etc.)you get the point.

  10. C said :

    I hear trim spa works…just ask Anna Nic…..oh wait


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