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How can I gain some weight?

OK, I am 5’8 and 110lbs now…I just had a baby 7 1/2 months ago and i got up to about 168lbs…I eat normally, breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks…I cant seem to gain weight i just keep loosing…Somesay its stress of raising 2 children, but i really dont think im that stressed. I think istarted to lose weight drastically when I moved to colorado. We have been living at 7500ft for about 3 1/2 to 4 years now. Ive always been skinny but i never lost weight so quickly . My doctor cheked my thyriod and said its “normal” although he didnt give me the results. I am a smoker, but ive smoked since i was 16 and never had this kind of weight problem, i dont use drugs like speed or meth or coke anything like that. Ive never had a eating disorter. The only thing i do do is smoke weed every now and then, and if anything it helps me eat more. I just dont know what to do, Ive tried ensure,and protien shakes and it doesnt help. Any suggestions? There is all this stuff out there to help you lose weight but what about the other way around? Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “How can I gain some weight?”

  1. diet guru said :

    It may be easier to eat six or more smaller, balanced meals rather than eating three large meals, especially if you’re not used to eating much at one time.

    Protein powders and nutritional supplements such as Ensure can be added for in-between meal snacks. You can also make your own delicious protein shakes at home with a blender using milk, yogurt, frozen fruit, etc. Look for some easy recipes here:
    Exchange the skim milk and fat-free yogurt for regular since you don’t want to lose weight. Most protein powders are not very tasty unless mixed with other ingredients.

    Exercise is an important part of healthy weight gain. Strength training is especially important and will build muscles. This can be done at home or in a gym. Cardio exercises are healthy and should be a part of your routine, but they burn maximum calories and may cause you to lose weight if you don’t eat consume plenty of calories. Limit your cardio workout to 30 minutes. Consider activities such as: power walking, jogging, biking, swimming laps, jumping rope, dancing, skating, etc. Yoga and Pilates are excellent additions to your workout as well. Here are some exercises you can do at home to help target certain areas:

    Some suggestions to help you gain weight:

    1)Add healthy calories to your menu. Start breakfast with a slice of whole-wheat toast and peanut butter.
    2)Trail mixes, nuts, dried fruits, and protein bars are healthy high-caloric snacks.
    3)Drink healthy beverages such as milk and fruit juice. Avoid sweet drinks that add no nutritional value.
    4)Choose the healthy option every time. Avoid fried foods. Eat larger portions of healthier foods such as baked potatoes, chicken, fish, etc.
    5)Follow the food pyramid guidelines and make sure that you include all the major food groups in your diet.
    6)Consume heart-healthy oils by eating olive, walnut, or canola oil in your homemade salad dressings. Add cheese and nuts to salads for additional healthy calories.

    Good luck!

  2. little_cajuns said :

    I have the same problem with my 12 year old son. The child can’t gain weight for nothing. I let him eat whatever, whenever. Have you tried the protein shakes? At that size I am sure you could use the muscle mass. I would also get a second opinion on your thyroid if you are some of the other symptoms.

  3. *C.J.* said :

    Sounds like you have a hyperthyroid. Thats the thing that controls your metabolism.
    Go get more bloodwork done and tell them to check it, and look at the results and let the doctor explain to you why you dont have it, Sounds like it to me.

  4. ny said :

    brewing yeast. It has a lot of vitamin B, too. It will make you gain
    weight in a week. Either buy at pharmacies, as supplement, or in any
    place which specializes in brewing. Three pills a day/three tablespoons a
    day – depends on the product, and you are there. Good for bones and
    hair as well.

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