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How can I gain muscle mass after I lost a trememdous amount of weight in the past few months ?

I was incarcerated for a few months and I lost alot of my weight, I am 6, 4″ and weigh about 1 75 now, I feel weak from the loss and since I got out I have been sick from cold after cold. I weighed about 195 when I went in. I have always had such a high metabolism, I am searching for home remedies to gain real muscle mass quickly, I dont have any money to go to fancy training facilities, I do have a meager amount to spend on food though. I am 35 yrs old and feel like I am a frail sick child again, I am so upset because of the malnutrition I was subjected to and the uncaring people that dont realize that some people loose weight rapidly and it can be very harmful to them. anyway I am not that bad of shape, just need some help with weight gain and advise on what foods and Beverages I can buy that will give me back my natural energy. thank you!!!

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3 Responses to “How can I gain muscle mass after I lost a trememdous amount of weight in the past few months ?”

  1. justin said:

    The single most important nutrient that you require for gaining muscle mass would be protein. Most would advise to go for lean meats such as chicken or fish however if you are not concerned with gaining fat any meat will do. Being 6’4” you need a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day, considering that you said you were malnourished while incarcerated you will also want to add as many fruits and vegetables as possible and include a multivitamin. You can also add a protein shake to your daily meals, the powders that you can find at a grocery store or a wal-mart are generally not that expensive. Besides nutrition you will want to do calisthenics at home; push-ups, sit-ups, squats etc.

  2. aj j said:

    just look online for a mass builder there not that much take one scoop a day and eat normally. i think most mass gainers have 600 calories in them now.

  3. Mattie Seegar said:

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