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Confused about dieting. I have a few questions if you could help=]?

im so confused! i tried weight watchers and i lost only 2 lbs in a week. so i quit bc i didnt see fast results. now im “on” atkins lol and im told i cant have any bread/carbs, that makes no sense; dont you need carbs?-on weight watchers you did. some people say atkins is an unhealthy diet, but then wouldnt it not be allowed to be so commercalized? .

can someone please help me i just want to shed lbs quickly. im 15, 5’0 and 112 lbs. please dont tell me im fine the way i am & dont NEED to loose weight. i just need help like i dont know what to do.

also i have some questions:
1.What are carbs and why are they so ‘bad’ for you?
2.What are calories and what are they made up of?
3.Why are some diets high in fat and low in carbs & others high in carbs and low in fat?
4.What foods are good to eat when on a diet?
5.How are carbs burned? fats?
6.Where is the 1st place you loose weight from(how can i make it my legs)?

everything seems so much easier said than done! please help!

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4 Responses to “Confused about dieting. I have a few questions if you could help=]?”

  1. HarryMay said :

    oh dear…b/c something is sold in stores and commercialized does not make it healthy…
    would you eat a tub of lard and consider it a health food?!?!
    atkins is dangerous and I have met a lot of people who used it and they did not lose any more weight then they could have doing the 2lbs a week – in fact they lost less…
    Remeber dr atkins was OBESE when he died – years after “inventing” this disgusting phase…
    it will lead to a ton of health problems (including potentially fatal ones) if you stay on it…

    carbs are not bad for you and you clearly need counseling not a diet…I am not going to help you with your anorexia…

  2. Jembee1720 said :

    you should go back to the weight watchers 2 lbs in a week is GOOD and HEALTHY… dropping alot of weight fast you’re much more likely to put it back on fast and it’s not healthy anyway…

    There is no way you need to loose weight… your 15 and 112 that’s Normal and healthy… especially because you’re going to keep growing… when you get a few inches taller you’ll need that extra few pounds. If your worried about a little extra flab here and there do some exorcises to tone up. Dieting at your age is dangerous… can keep you from getting the nutrients your body needs to continue building your bones and muscles not to mention hair and nails. If you’re worried about your weight talk to you parents and see a doctor. AND LISTEN to them.

  3. marshall y said :

    Lots of questions. First don’t worry about how quickly you loose weight, as long what you do is working stay with it. It is unhealthy to loose too much weight too quickly.

    Question 1# Carbohydrates are sugars. They can be simple sugars, or more complex sugars called fibre. In there simple form they raise your blood sugar, which makes you hungry. The simple carbs like bread, pasta are also high in calories.
    Complex carbs are good for you. These are your fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

    2# Calories are energy. Everything you each has calories. There is a formula that says protein contains so much calories, simple carbs so much and fat so much. (i don’t remember the numbers).

    3# There is no magic formula for diets. Anything that causes you burn more calories then you take in, will work for a while. That is why there are so many diet plans out there.

    4# Personally I am a believer (when dieting) to stick to the basic; fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

    5# When you exercise and burn more calories then you take in your body uses the stored calories (fat) in your body for energy.

    6# You can not pick which area of the body you will loose weight from first. Your body is genetically programed to store fat in certain areas.

    I recommend that you check ou the website There is lots of useful information there.

  4. amilucky0707 said :

    Dude, 2 pounds in a week is AMAZING. You should go back to weight watchers. More than 2 pounds a week is super un-healthy. Carbs aren’t bad, you just have to eat the right kind. A calorie is the amound of energy used to raise one ounce (i think) of water one degree. Food calories are actually measured in thousand calories. Do not rely on low carb/low fat diets. Just eat a wide variety of foods and stay away from junk. Control portions as well. You can’t lose weight from any particular spot, you just have to burn enough calories so that it comes off your whole body evenly.


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