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Weight loss help, 6 small meals a day?

I’ve been eating less than 500 calories each day for the past 2 weeks until i read a question on how much you loose eating 500 each day and the responses really snapped me out of it , cause it freaked me out about the long- term results and don’t want to die! So how can i go about losing weight quickly but in a healthy way? I heard the 6 small meals really works, I really like cheese sandwiches and they’re only 100 calories each cause the bread is 40 and the cheese is 60 and I’ve been having that for three meals each day, should i have a balance of more stuff, is it possible to give me a little guide i can follow and maybe i can switch it up a little with some other foods that go in that category? Please don’t judge me, i already know that’s a stupid thing to do and I’m going for the healthy approach now, so please just help me out. I’m 15 and turning 16 in a month and i want to lose some weight I’m about 110, 5’0

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6 Responses to “Weight loss help, 6 small meals a day?”

  1. Amanda said :

    First of all, I am not sure that 5′ 110 pounds is fat. Maybe you need more body toning than losing weight.

    Secondly – Weight Loss is 20% exercise and 80% proper diet. Even vigorous exercise alone is not sufficient for healthy, effective weight loss. A nutritious, balanced diet is the major player in attaining a healthy weight, safely.

    1. Take a multi-vitamin, and drink about 8 glasses of water a day.

    2. Plan a nutritious diet, with the right-sized portions. A proper diet consists of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Each meal should have a mix of It’s a common myth that eliminating fat entirely means losing weight. Without fat-intake, your body cannot absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

    3. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies (the greener the better), along with your meals.

    4) The Right Mix of Exercise – most exercise routines should consist of aerobic (anything that increases the target heart rate, i.e. running, cycling, dancing, etc)and anaerobic ( weight lifting, stretching, calisthenics). There’s also plenty of fun ways to get that exercise in by dancing or playing sports or even walking your dogs!

    5) Allot the right amount of time depending on your weight loss! Don’t be too focused on the scale. Remember, are doing a wonderful thing for yourself just by eating right & exercising at a rate that works for you.


  2. Shadycat said :

    At only 110 you really don’t have much to be able to lose, so your body is holding onto it. The only thing you can really do is try to lower your glycemic index/load, and you can look up a lot of info on that online. As one who did the “starvation” diets for years and have now ended up with the metabolic fall-out from that, I can tell you truthfully to just eat healthy balanced meals and exercise. That’s actuall the truth no matter how much you want to fight it. Lean meats, low carbs and very small meals a day. You really shouldn’t be eating less than 1200 a day (and odds are more since you’re only 15 and still growing and developing inside). There is no “fast” healthy way to do it, and fast only means water weight for the most part anyway, which will come right back. Not what you want to hear, I know, but it’s the truth.

  3. Rebecca J said :

    Think about this: Animals in the wild never count calories, they just eat their natural, raw, wholesome diet and they are NEVER fat. People and their domesticated animals on the other hand are usually fat! From eating processed food, chemicals, altered foods that are not really food (like processed “cheese” and processed bread). Please go to the link in the source box.

  4. Bill F said :

    you could probable become ill on a diet of cheese sandwiches, 6 small meals a day will ramp up your metabolism. they should contain protein and complex carbs, broccoli,yams, oatmeal etc. simple carbs, sugar etc. are not good for you. Tone your body with exercise, burn more calories than you consume. starving yourself or eating junk (cheese sandwiches) will make you sick

  5. Taylor T said :

    Im on a diet also and the best thing I have tried is this..You like frying stuff? cause if you do use virgin olive oil..It helps digest fat and if you look at the back of it it sounds real bad for you due to the fat that’s in it but it just digests that fat and some that everybody has….Also something that helps is just try home cooked food instead of fast food..Here’s an example..Everyone likes hamburgers right? except vegetarians but also being one is healthy and good for the animals…Hamburgers that they process have about 90% more fat than home made meals especially grilled meals cause it just melts the fat all off..The problem with fast food hamburgers is that its processed from the worst parts of the cow which it like the organs and bones sometimes mixed in..Sounds gross eh?..The small parts inside CAN brake your teeth very easily so forget the fast food and just don’t eat much as you normally do and use stuff like slim fast when you get hungry it tastes great and really works! perfect……There you go….If you really really just wanna still at least eat sandwinches use whole grain bread and reduced or 0% fat American cheese (that’s just what i prefer use what you would like)…yummy…and use mayo with olive oil…much MUCH smoother….Now another thing is that you don’t weigh that much as I read but its good to get as much reduced fat when you can do so…That’s what im trying to do 🙂

  6. Taylor Scholze said :

    Amazing writing. I have bookmarked this without a doubt.


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