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Is it excess water in my body? How to get rid of it? Please help! I excersize and dont eat much but its still?

Ok, guys! I have a ‘big’ problem. Its cellulite! I know what you are saying now! Oh Lord! Another lazy, fat women that doesnt want to mover ass and do some excersize!
tHIS THING ON MY THIGHTS, upper arms, lower arms, face (when I laugh), calves, bum is soooo strange! People say its cellulite! start moving and eat healthy!

But I eat healthy! do hal f an hour treadmill every day (or 3 times a week).

I am not fat. My dress size is 8 to 10 (uk) and height 168, which is ok i think. But this thing on my body is so wobly and I know that if only I could get rid off this ‘thing’ i could easlily be size 6 and healthy, like my mum when she was my age.

Please tell me wehther this could be aaxcess water in my body. Its verry wobly and if I do a lot of excersizing that make me sweat i seem to loose klots of weight quickly, so was thinking this could definetely excess water in my body.

U used to drink maybe one glass of water a day (sometimes none). Could this be the reason? ??????
oh! and i am not old . i am 23!:)

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8 Responses to “Is it excess water in my body? How to get rid of it? Please help! I excersize and dont eat much but its still?”

  1. philip said :

    you could be getting old? or eat loads of junk food or not exercising enough

  2. Whitney H said :

    could jus be your body reactin to something-stress,changes in life.

    try a diueretic

  3. lovelikethis said :

    I’m guessing it’s not water weight.
    I’d just say excercise a little more, if it is cellutlite, you’re going to have trouble getting it off because it’s skin from the weight you’ve lost….
    surgery will remove it, but you’re not a teen anymore so it won’t just snap back…
    hope this helped&&good luck 🙂

  4. Bill E said :

    if it is water weight you can take water pills they will help you lose weight. You might also want to up you cardo some too, or join a health club or something. and you could add in some weight training into your workouts that might help too.

  5. Debra L said :

    to get rid of that you need to drink more water. I drink at least 8 to 10 glasses a day, thats my only beverage i drink,plent of exercise and for arm area use 6lbs. of weights. walking and eating 6 small healthy meals a day. cut out salt use a salt substitute its just as good,and cut out sweets and fried foods and you should see a difference. good luck let me know how it works for you.

  6. Thumbsup said :

    It is dangerous to drink only 1 glass of water a day. Your body will adjust and will retain as much water as it can to survive. You’ll get dehydrated and toxins will accumulate in your body. When exercising, drink at least 10 glasses of water to help eliminate excess water and toxins in your body. If you really want to lose weight successfully, minimize your carbohydrate. Don’t eat too much bread, potatoes, rice, etc. Don’t eat processed food like hotdogs, bacons, etc. and don’t eat food with preservatives and flavor enhancers. This stuff makes you fat easily. Eat anything natural. Coupled that with exercise, a patience, without 3-4 months you’ll notice excellent results!

  7. bu_selmo said :

    i’m sorry, it is fat.
    try this, boil all your food and eat it without salt (spices without sodium are ok, like pepper, mrs.dash…etc), drink around 5-7 liters of water… do this for two days… look at yourself in the morning after you wake up… that’s you without retaining any water. i assure you the “flab” won’t go away…

    you said you eat “healthy”… how do you know it’s healthy? do you know how many calories? the ratios of macro nutrients? timing of meals? source of the food (natural unprocessed or otherwise)?… eating “healthy” is the biggest misconception i’ve ever heard in my life… to 90% of people out there, eating healthy means anything home cooked without oil… that’s not healthy… sorry.
    healthy is when you know how many calories you need, ratios that work best for your body, and food sources that work best for you body (regarding health by looking at blood tests, and regarding appearance).

    any “flab” you see on your bad is fat… sorry, but it’s the reality of the situation here.

    i wish you the best of luck in your journy to burn it off.

    hope that helps,

  8. Shawna G said :

    Sorry hun it is not fluid. You should be drinking 8 plus even better to drink 12 cups a day. Not drinking enough water each day can slow you metabolism just like not eating can. MOst people underestimate how much they eat by half!!! Calories is what you need to look at all the weight loss studies and all the world organizations say this. It makes sense calories is the energy in food and when you take in more energy than your body needs weight gain occurs. YOu can gain weight from peanuts, peanut butter dried fruit, juice (some of the best weight gainers) and any drink wine with calories. So if you weigh 180 you burn 1800 calories a day and if you weigh 150 you burn 1500 calories a day. So whatever you want to weigh eat that many calories (adding a zero) and you will get there, promise! Look at every label and at least give it a try what do youhave to lose?? Write down everything you eat for a day and you may see you are eating more calories than your body needs. You can gain weight from healthy foods because simply you are eating too much. Good Luck!


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