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please help me with this ?

right i am on a diet which is very low in fat, and calcium, i am walking a hell of a lot, so i am doing everything the proper way to loose weight, i am 12 stone

how quickly will i see a marked differnce,
and by next year 2010 will i be alot slimmer ???

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One Response to “please help me with this ?”

  1. Heather said :

    You should up your calcium – it is necessary to keep your bones strong, especially if you are doing a lot of exercise. The USDA suggest that your diet breakdown should be 50% carbohydrates, 30-35% fat, and 15-20% protein. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet.

    You will see a difference soon as long as you keep exercising regularly. You should change it up so that you’re not just walking. Try doing a kickboxing class, a dance class, or yoga or pilates. If you don’t change up your exercise once in a while, your body will get used to it and not be challenged anymore. Challenging your body and varying up your exercise will have you looking slimmer in 2010 and more importantly, it will make you feel healthier in 2010


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